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Category:Anti-Gamergate slate

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This is a category of RationalWikians who think that the best solution to the constant Gamergate HCM on RationalWiki is to branch off the Gamergate material onto its own, separate RMF project. This will allow some distinct advantages to RationalWiki:

  1. It will allow users whose main focus is Gamergate to have their own, separate space outside of RationalWiki proper with which to set their own rules and goals. This has large advantages in allowing them to better decide what they want their own community to look and be like, which allows for added security for its membership.
  2. It will restore RationalWiki proper's goal of allowing those who disagree with us to come and discuss it with us, while allowing for separate rules to be made on a separate Wiki.
  3. It will usurp the constant HCMs that seem to arise out of the Gamergate articles on RationalWiki over those articles' contents, perspectives, and main editors.
  4. It prevents the mission creep on RationalWiki proper that a lot of Gamergate-related articles seem to contain, while at the same time allowing for more in-depth coverage of the people, places, and events involved in Gamergate that are not missional to RationalWiki to be covered on a separate project.
  5. Gamergate content could/would still be hosted on RW proper, though in more abridged formats with links to the GGamergate offshoot for people to get more in-depth coverage.

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