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Hello! Below I explain why am I here.

Dmitrii Kouznetov versus Dmitri Kouznetsov[edit]

I heard about Dmitri Kouznetsov; his name is similar to my one. The only one additional "i" at the end of the first name makes the difference in our identifiers. Not so much, but better than nothing. That Dmitri Kouznetsov is criticized at
but the critics does not provide the links to the texts where the point of view of that Kouznetsov is described. I should greatly appreciate such references. Also, I hope, creation of this account will help to avoid the confusions.


I have some idea about creationism; in particular, I consider creationism as refutable concept. According to creationism, the spontaneous creation of life has so low probability, that Gog had to assist creation of life; in the similar way, God had to assist the creation of Human.

For refutation of this concept, it is sufficient to reproduce the creation of life in a laboratory. Past century, there were many attempts to refute this concept; especially in the USSR: the refutation of creationism was important for the official religion (marxism) of the USSR.

The experiments about creation of life from non-organic structures happened to be very difficult, if at all. This can be considered as confirmation of creationism. Even if one day such am experiment will be successfully performed in a reproducible way (id est, by various independent scientific groups), it will remain useful model, good approximation.

In the similar way, the concept about conservation of amount of atoms of each kind in an isolated system remains a good approximation even after the experiments about the radioactivity and, in particular, after the realization of the chain reactions. The concept about conservation of amount of atoms of each kind remains scientific concept. However, the range of validity of this concept is limited, but, from my point of view, the range of validity of each scientific concept is limited.

Creationism is discussed at and that EvoWiki had suggested that I make my account here.

Tori and Vera[edit]

I am not satisfied with definitions of some terms at commonly used sites; the RationalWiki:EvoWiki project is not exception. For this reason, I make my own dictionaries.

The first attempt was "Vera" at samizdat; some articles from Vera are listed at

That cite has problems with typing of formulas and with cross-references; so, perhaps, it will not advance much.

The second attempt is TORI, which means Tools for Outstanding Research and Investigation. It is located at

TORI is attempt to create the Axiomatic Phylosophy, based on six TORI-axioms.

I expect to borrow for TORI some content from rationalwiki, and, in particular, from the ; I think, some articles from TORI may be useful for the Rationalwiki. The EvoWiki sent me here.

In order to simplify the discussion, I create this account. The discussion of the content of TORI should be greatly appreciated both at TORI and at my talk here.


Especially I am interested in discussion about Science and Religion. Below I mention some my articles that express my point of view on these topics.

SIncerely, Dmitrii Kouznetsov (talk) 15:04, 7 July 2011 (UTC)

P.S. This account seems to fail at evowiki,

How to access EvoWiki ?


Below I collect questions that seem to me important for the project.


Consider the following statement:

K := Life cannot be created from a non-living components as a result of chemical reaction.

Why the anticreationists consider statement K as a non–refutable concept?

Creation wiki[edit]

There is competitor wiki, and there is article about it, CreationWiki. If there exist users who participate in both wikis? I think, for a constructive discussion, there should be such participants.


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