Dr. Andrew McKalson-Sotherly

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Dr. Andrew McKalson-Sotherly, (February 30th, 1876 - Smarch 11th, 1954) is a prominent creationinst, who studied at Oxford for his Doctorate in Humane Letters, after he was educated by his mother, aunt, and grandmother at their small four-bedroom home in Franklin, Arizona.

McKalson-Sotherly is best known for disagreeing with the currently accepted model of engines, and notably has shown many times that the way that they are widely described to work is entirely physically impossible, and so it's clear that God must be providing the power in engines, rather than man's actions.

For being a creationist, he was obviously punished by being passed over for a Nobel Prize on his seminal work in the field of Physics, Ball Bearing Friction Would Be Greater Than Possible (Journal of Engine Physics, Volume CXIV, 1920). The award was instead given to his liberal partner, John Nancy Ackelberry, who betrayed McKalson-Sothery by abandoning Divine Engineering after co-writing their paper, and came to support the the agenda of the mechanical activists. After stealing McKalson-Sotherly's rightful Nobel Prize, Ackelberry began attacking McKalson-Sotherly's credibility, and personal-life, accusing him of being homosexual, which is so totally obviously not true, as he was married.