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Sorry ladies (heterosexual) and dudes (homosexual), but the Erk is taken. And, in this photo, is apparently blowing a raspberry in the air? Also I am likely not a moai although there may be some in the family.

Some day this may be a glorious shrine of coloured tables and exciting yet humorous images. Until then here are some details about the man behind the three-letter-nickname.

Real life intrusion alert

Notes about me[edit]

  • Canadian
  • Married
  • Father-to-be (see above)[1]
  • Medical student
  • Scientist[2]
  • Not on fire[3]
  • familiar with mediawiki
  • Pretty fluent in Japanese
  • Like you, I am certainly an organic meat-bag and definitely not a cunningly designed facsimile of one. I do not reside in a chilled server room beneath the basement of the University of Calgary.

Articles I wrote/started writing/helped write/fixed someone's punctuation on and was proud of[edit]


I'm interested in food woo and food articles because of my lifestyle as a foodie (by marriage) and as a scientist and medical professional.

I'm also interested in alternative medicine and medical woo: know thy enemy. And I seem to be getting involved in a lot of molecular and cellular biology, which is odd since I haven't done that stuff in a couple years now.

Atheism and religion are interesting reads but I try to avoid edits, because I get too irritable.

Most recent wtf[edit]

I acutely noticed the other day that there are plenty of progressive, left-wing satirists, but I can't think of a real right-wing satirist. Why are they all so earnest and angry? Satire isn't inherently left-wing, or shouldn't be. I bet it's even a Conservative Word.


  1. Unformed offspring tentatively nicknamed "Stormageddon". Nickname not expected to stick past ejection phase of parasite.
  2. Master of Biochemistry. Retired.
  3. at the time of this writing
  4. What? I'm proud of it!