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Photo of user: FairDinkum at a MajorBBS BBQ circa 1995

I like: Max Stirner, Argumentation, Critical Thinking

I read: Wikipedia, TVTropes, RationalWiki, Books

I grow: Hydroponic Cannabis

I eat: Hummus, Beyond Meat, Fish, Nuts

I drink: Coconut Silk, Water, Methadone

I supplement with: Multi-vitamin, Magnesium

I smoke: Cannabis, Cigarettes, Fentanyl

I watch: NHL, MMA, CFL

I listen to: Unpopular Music

I make: Electronic Music

I hate: Right-wing, Conspiracy Theories, Woo

I live: In Canada, in a City not a Suburb

I am: 52 Years Old, Cisgender Male, 6'2 180 pounds

I am not: Canadian, Spiritual, Impatient

I am afflicted with: Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy

I want: CRISPR Therapy

I have been an online personality since: 1983

I wrote this when I was 15. (I did not put it on that webpage)