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Things I hate/dislike:

  1. Apologists
  2. Rapists
  3. Conspiracy Cranks
  4. Egotrippers
  5. Neo-Nazis
  6. Communists
  7. Populists
  8. People who are obsessed with politics
  9. Nationalists
  10. Politicians (lots of talk, not so much action)
  11. Pedosexuals
  12. Racists
  13. Sexists
  14. GamerGate losers
  15. Incels
  16. Things that make no sense/lack any kind of logic
  17. Youtubers having an obsession with their almighty lord (He didn't invent Youtube, nor is he the one that put Youtube in the spotlights)
  18. Sexual Harassement
  19. Wingnuts & Far/Alt-Righters
  20. Moonbats & Far-lefters for this reason
  21. Dumb Centrists
  22. The Donald
  23. Denialists
  24. Conservatives
  25. Fundies (fuck religion)
  26. False Accusations

Things I like:

  1. Music
  2. Videogames
  3. Tonight shows
  4. Cinemasins ridiculing horror movies (this kind of rhetoric can be found with skeptics that thrash Ghost/Paranormal believers with facts and logic)
  5. Stand-up Comedy
  6. Shows like "CSI: New York" & "The Mentalist"
  7. Movies with Louis de Funès in it

Notable Quotes:

"You too can make it in America, if you spread your legs for a 60 year old pervert when your [sic] 29"


Will get updated in the future.