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Purely because redlinks are ugly. Hello!

CP, RW and Me: A Brief History[edit]

H. Randolph Twist: A Visual Guide
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I was briefly, maybe for a month or so, a user at Conservapedia during the days where it was easier to remain un-banned. purely out of interest rather than any support for the project or the politics of the project, and actually made positive contributions before being permablocked by DeanS for "name/initial" issues. Unable to do anything about it, I followed their advice and did recreate my account, with a name and initial, only to be banned again for the same reason, this time by parodist RodWeathers. Rinse and repeat a few times, and I was fed up, especially when one was blocked for being from the I.P. of a previously blocked user... what a fantastic system! The final time, PJR did unblock me once I appealed to him, but it was too late, for my I.P. had been rangeblocked by TK, which was just lovely, thanks.

Sometime after this I stumbled across RationalWiki, and lurked around, amused by it. After several months of doing so, I decided to create an account to help document, and share in, the many laughs coming from the bastion of ever increasing insanity that is Conservapedia.