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I'm active at Citizendium--your chart called me an uebermesch. Citizendium unquestionably has its warts, but I think there may be some hope. We'll know in a fairly short time. There are, I think, some good ideas here, although there are some that may either be misreading a complex situation, or generically out to prove a point. While I happen to be on the Editorial Council, and was on the Charter Committee, I'm speaking completely as an individual.

Since I've had good information from TMToulouse, I prefer to look at the possibility of some cooperation. I really don't intend to get into discussions of specific people at CZ, but it's fair enough to talk about some history and directions. Perhaps one exception is that I found Larry Sanger preventing some changes, but he's gone now.

So what, if anything, are we doing right? DrDark, I believe, mentioned ontology, semantic web, etc. Some of us have been leaning that way for quite a while, and have snuck in manual mechanisms that are a predecessor of more advanced approach. Again, there was active opposition in the past. I'll merely say that to dismiss "lemma articles" as definitions misses their role in knowledge structuring; some Related Articles subpages are collections of manual links. They need work.

Is there too much talk? Yes! Is there too much tolerance of fringe? Yes! This isn't the place to get into ways of solving these, but there are some ideas.

Sometimes "information wants to be free". Sometimes information is like a kid testing limits.

Howard C. Berkowitz (talk) 06:40, 9 November 2010 (UTC)