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Gentlemen, evolution and atheism as they exist on the web has their days numbered! By the ides of September we will see developments that will shake the liberal elite to the core! Prepare for Operation Watermelon Glory!

A Creationist smiles in delight at the imminent death of Darwinism!
Monkey-man Darwin himself reverses his previous beliefs in light of the Conservapedia "Theory of Evolution" article.
Athesists present the Theory of Evolution as a mighty tiger that will devour Christianity, but the truth is far different. The great Christian president feasts on the weak, tame kitten of evolution, which will soon be devoured entirely!
So-called "scientists" use the Large Hardon Collider to look for the "God particle". Shouldn't they be looking for Conservapdia's God Article if they want the Truth?
Hitler waves goodbye to his BFF Darwin. We won't be hearing anything more form him for a LONG time!
Perhaps Edgar Allen Poe, born the same year as Darwin, could give him some insight into his theory. What does he think of Evolution on the internet? "Nevermore."