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I'm Kittenmommy, a "cat mom" interested in cats, [kittens], and other [pet]-related things. I am a huge advocate for [no-kill] shelters and animal [rescue group]s, and for [spaying]/[neutering] pets.

I'm also a Christian, but not like that. More [like this]. I'm totally, unappoligetically 110% pro-choice. And yes, Evolution happened and Abstinence Only Sex Education Programs are dumb and gay people aren't going to Hell. Not all of us are uneducated right wing idiots who glorify in ignorance.

I don't have a general category of article I tend to edit; if I see an [error] or obvious [[vandalism]], I'll fix it. If I see an article that I know I can contribute information to, I'll add it.

I'm afraid that all in all, I'm not very interesting.