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BrainMop.png As a confirmed mustard jar for taking on this job as a Sysop on RationalWiki: I, KleineFurry, pledge to only block users if they ask for it, or insert unfunny vandalism.
I furthermore pledge that if I indulge in secret private conversations about you, we will make a formal report to the mob. Is that all?
If you impugn my motives without warrant, or challenge my "AUTHORITY", er, there is nothing I can or will do.

A Walking Oxymoron!

50 States flag.png This user lives in the best damn country on Earth, and you better believe it!

I am a man.png
This user is male.

This user believes in the right to bear frickin' sweet guns.

FreePen.jpg They say fair speech; this user says free speech!

Political compass small logo.gif
This user's Political Compass coordinates are (4.1,-0.3).

This user believes in the right to arm frickin' sweet bears.

This user believes in the right to bear frickin' sweet nukes.

Libertatis Aequilibritas GFDL.png
This user is a supporter of Capitalism.

United States Department of Defense Seal.svg
This user is a supporter of our Military.

This user is a furry

and proud of it!

This user is a Grammar Nazi. Heil Stickler!

Alright, so I'm supposed to write something, so here we go.

I'm KleineFurry, a gay atheist furry conservative (talk about an oxymoron).

I'm American with European ancestry.

I'm pro-gun and a capitalist.

I'm not exactly active here (high school is a bitch), but I'll probably be more active on vacations.

I'm planning on going into the aerospace engineering field.

I run a shit-hole nation in NationStates.

I'm the self-appointed chief defenestrator of the WIGO:Clog page (Don't tell Reverend <3)

I've become addicted to Eurobeat (I can stop any time I want to, dammit!), so if you find a good playlist, send it my way.

And I'm fucking bored.

If you wish to contact me, my talk page is always open, or you can hit me up on Discord (Lock 🔰#3638)