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Links to keep reference library[edit]

How CP is seen by conservatives[edit]

What fellow wingnuts say about Conservapedia. Here's a collection of comments about CP from conservative readers:

  • "Yeah, the NYT loved Giuliani. And if that isn't enough, they can't even spell his name right."
  • "Some of the science is a bit eccentric, too, as for example this article on unicorns."
  • "I'll see your bad article and raise"
  • "when you say eccentric I hope you mean insane"
  • "I actually thought it was a satire site. Sort of like the Stephen Colbert of wikis. It's so over the top it is hard to believe it is serious."
  • "I waver back and forth between believing it to be genuine and believing it to be an elaborate hoax."
  • "I can't say that the stuff I have seen has done Conservatism any favors."
  • "This is a horrible idea with even worse execution. Seeing lefty college kids try to build stuff like this is annoying, but I don't see how you can claim to be so far above them. At least they can format a page."

Comments from

  • "conservapedia fails as a worthwhile resource for conservatives"
  • "on the “right” you have conservapedia – which is an embarrassment."
  • "The first time I saw a conservapedia article I was sure it was parody. I still check it out every now and then just for the entertainment value."
  • "Conservapedia is a “satire” wiki like Encyclopedia Dramatica."
  • "the odd and rotten thing about conservapedia is that it wouldn’t even exist as it does were it not for the left’s use of it. I’ve never seen Conservapedia cited by a single conservative blog, yet the stats show that Conservapedia is at least very popular with the left. A Google search of “conservapedia” returns 160,000 hits, 4,100 alone featuring the term “wingnut,” and every one which is not a hit to Conservapedia itself is a hit to a leftwing site eager to accept and amplify Conservapedia’s claim to represent conservatism."

Bah ha ha ha... --Phil Leotardo da Vinci (talk) 19:52, 15 July 2011 (UTC)