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Some stuff about me
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Hello! I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia. I have been a huge Wikipedia reader for many years of my life, though I've probably made fewer edits there than here on RationalWiki, despite having read much more of it. This is because Wikipedia articles are usually well-written before I find them, while on RationalWiki I find more things in need of work. I sometimes read RationalWiki when I feel like easy reading, though I do have some problems with this site. I am a weak atheist. Politically, I am a Georgist, an urbanist, and a pro-nuclear environmentalist.

My preferred writing style for RationalWiki articles is low on snark. I think that excessive snark in some articles may give the impression that it was written to attack the subject for the sake of it, rather than to give an honest assessment. Some of the snarkiness around here is inside humour that wouldn't work well on visitors.

Here are some pages I would like to overhaul in the future (if I find a time):

  • Georgism
  • Renewable energy: Not critical enough. Doesn't offer much over Wikipedia.
  • Justin Trudeau: Too much focus on petty drama & spectacle. Needs a closer assessment of his political actions as Prime Minister.
  • First past the post: Too disorganized. Needs a snappier introduction, followed by explanation of it's problems.
  • Western world: Just an incomplete article in general.

Some that I will make less drastic changes to:

  • Socialism: Too easy on socialism. Not enough to question the viability of socialism.
  • Culture war: Doesn't define the term very well.
  • Occam's razor: Too disorganized. Appears to have substantial contributions from those who confuse it with appeals to simplicity.