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User:ListenerX/On the Legality of Essays

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Simon Sheppard, a neo-Nazi from Hull, England, was recently jailed for 58 months, convicted of a large number of race-hate crimes, to wit, publishing that number of articles on his U.S.-hosted website.

David Williams, of Searchlight magazine, reflecting on the case, said this:

Other nazi internet activists are discussing the legal technicalities or otherwise of US citizens “fronting” websites for Britons or posting illegal and racially inflammatory essays on American websites for them anonymously.

Let them speak all they want of abuse and insult, of "social harm" and incitement to hatred, of intolerance in the name of tolerance. But when anyone starts speaking of "illegal essays," it is time to stop taking them seriously when they spew forth duckspeak praising the virtues of civil rights, democratic government, or freedom of thought.