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This user is a Wikipedian
+-%= This user loves math.

Schematicky atom.png This user loves science!

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This user believes all religions are a form of psychosocial control and are therefore inherently bad for you.
This user does not believe so called "faith" can contend with modern science.
This user thinks that evolution explains the origin of species.
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This user thinks that the Big Bang explains the origin of the Universe.
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This user is concerned about the environment.
Nuclear Power Yes Please.png This user supports the nuclear-industrial complex

PvdA Logo small.svg This user believes in a regulated, capitalist economy with a strong welfare state.

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This user's Political Compass coordinates are (-5.13,-7.49).
Karikatur 7.jpg Freedom of speech can be dangerous, but must be upheld by every one of us.
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This user believes in equal rights for gay people.
racism This user is biased against racists.
This user thinks arms should be "well regulated" per the Second Amendment
Medicalsign1.png This user believes that health care is a human right.

Hello, I'm a human who happens to exist. You can find me at Earth, Solar System, Milky Way. I read a lot of RationalWiki and decided to make some minor contributions. I'm also a more-or-less active Wikipedian. My main topics of interest are Math, Physics and Computer Science.