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Sock puppet.jpg This user is an announced sockpuppet of MarcusCicero

I'm extremely annoyed. I had a 2,000 word defense typed up but it got lost in translation. But I'll post the gist of it here: Rationalwiki is extremely nasty and personal to an entire bunch of people based solely on their religious and political beliefs. Trolling and spamming is endemic on this site and its a genuine scourge to these web communities who do nothing to direct offend you.

Seeing as you are so willing to mock and disregard basic civility for them, I felt it would be worthwhile to do the same to you. Notice that I didn't spam or vandalise mainspace articles. At least I have some basic conception of ethical behaviour, unlike your collective self congratulatory WIGO bullshit.

Banning me does nothing but display your complete and utter inconsistency and hypocrisy. The whole major act of contrition thing by Theory of Practise was hilarious. Please keep it up, I missed RA and his vain clerical ways around the place. At least Theemperor has a bright future ahead in inconsequential office work. Thats something I suppose.

The quality of discussion here has dipped significantly even from when I originally joined. The Dane, The young lawyer and the doctor are never about, unfortunately. All thats left are Human's generalisations and the Lulz crap which the rest of you are addicted to. I'm glad I'm banned. Its given me the benefit of aggrieved status. And I'm not going anywhere either.