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Alabama welcomes careful ediotors

I want to keep my CP identities concealed as there are probably spies around looking into this conspiracy. However, I have been blocked 8 times, 7 of them infinitely.

In order to distance myself from CP I am considering changing my user name from MAD MIN to MCE MIN. I'd be grateful for comments.


CP seems to be run by a handfull of ignorant buffoons hoping to stem the tide of reality by placing their fingers in their and shouting "I'M NOT LISTENING!".

Some things that made me laugh[edit]

  • The top 20 viewed pages
  1. Main Page ‎(946,461 views)
  2. Hubble Ultra Deep Field ‎(559,415 views)
  3. Aesthetics ‎(181,642 views)
  4. Examples of Bias in Wikipedia ‎(176,869 views)
  5. Celestial Body ‎(135,254 views)
  6. Unicorn ‎(134,784 views)
  7. Astrolabe ‎(134,142 views)
  8. George W. Bush ‎(124,961 views)
  9. Theory of evolution ‎(112,684 views)
  10. Homosexuality ‎(65,599 views)
  11. Dinosaur ‎(62,898 views)
  12. Kangaroo ‎(62,127 views)
  13. Debate topics ‎(49,696 views)
  14. Abortion ‎(44,680 views)
  15. Jesus Christ ‎(38,472 views)
  16. Atheism ‎(32,118 views)
  17. CE ‎(30,971 views)
  18. Bill Clinton ‎(30,539 views)
  19. Liberal ‎(29,746 views)
  20. Global warming ‎(29,118 views)
Unicorn, Astrolabe, Dinosaur, Kangaroo?
  • Main Page: Let's all improve these top entries here:
United States
World War I
World War II
Adolf Hitler
Columbine High School massacre
Global warming
  • Macroeconomics: Macroeconomics is the analysis of the economy as a whole, or the analysis of large subdivisions of the economy. Macroeconomics is to microeconomics as forest is to trees. Macroeconomics is the opposite of microeconomics. (Original entry by Aschlafly)
  • Theory of Gravity: The Theory of Gravity is a physics theory concerned with gravitation.
  • A theologian is a person who is a expert on theology
  • 96 pages of Tennesse counties
  • Religious Figures Arguably Homeschooled
Joan of Arc
John the Baptist
Jesus Christ
  • Heart: 6 lines of biology text, 50 biblical quotes; [[Category:Anatomy]]
  • Arlington National Cemetary (I would have fixed this if I wasn't blocked)
  • Horatio Nelson: In the Mediterranean he was tasked to fight a losing defense of British allies and interests in the French port of Toulon against revolutionaries who were in the act of changing France from a monarchy to a republic.???
  • Main Page Question: why don't feminists consider Joan of Arc to be a hero? Hint: she was a devout Christian.
  • Liberal behavior on Conservapedia :
Many liberals do not recognize vandalism as being wrong. Even some liberals who do recognize vandalism as being wrong do not think it is wrong to help others who commit vandalism.
Liberals deny that their totalitarian positions, such supporting gun control or banning homeschooling, were instrumental to Adolf Hitler's power.
  • Category:Scientists

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