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Well, Hello! You seem to have stumbled upon my user page. Nice to meet you! I am Madama Butterfly, but you can just call me MB for short. In case you're wondering, the name's a reference to my favorite game, Bayonetta, not the opera of the same name. Though I assume the name in the actual game is probably a reference to the opera. My two other favorite games are Symphony of the Night and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, respectively. I like my hack n slashes and Metroidvanias, yes I do! I also like to read- Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, not Twilight- watch action/sci-fi/horror/fantasy movies and animation- not Twilight- and I enjoy the occasional Manga/Anime (also not Twilight). I'm American, but my mother is English and I have spent some time over there- I also have citizenship in both countries. Pretty neat, huh? (Except for the part where Americans have to pay tax to the US no matter where they live. That's baloney.)

PS: Since Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U comes with a free copy of the original, you have no excuse now. Go get a Wii U when the game comes out, get the game, and enjoy yourself. Seriously, it's amazing!

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