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As precedent established we doth gather hereth todayeth to establisheth our most august constitution as established with precedent verily with archaicism as appropriate and as isith requiredeth for communityeth of aroundeth 25 activeeth members.


Where we doth verily and wordily insist upon a course of action, though it be doth verily insisted upon, and that course of action being maintained, and doth speedily constricted and constrained, we herein resolve to resolve the conundrum that doth constrain our restraints, so doth our restraints doth needeth noeth neweth constraints upon us.

Interim Measures[edit]

That this site of at most 25 active members doth need a constitution to doth rule it verily, as is said verily and with all due legal precedent as doth established, needeth the most wordily constitution to doth insure the following:

  • That a vote, if established and communicated exquisitely, doth become law, and all freeman are subject to it in the exception of payment of sinecure in the region of six shilling and half pence, doth offer exclusion from termeth as established doth required.
  • The archaic to be established as only it doth require unanimous consent, verily.
  • Thateth the founder of the society, one MarcusCicero, holdeth the right to rule by decree, should a quorum not be in attendance for said functionary ruleth in the face of thine enemies he doth decree.
  • Thateth we take ourselves very seriously and create numerous constitutions and so forth to govern the behaviour of some 25 members of a less than serious website, this doth established herein.

It is said verily[edit]

Verily indeed.


The quorum of members ist doth established herein. Applications for membership shalst only be required in the exceptional case wherein the gentleman has doth established his supremacy through force of arms. Doth established and resolved verily. The members are compelled to agree to the laws of the constitution. Failure to comply will result in ostracisation and public defecation.

  • User:MarcusCicero - The founder of this constitution and society, which is beholden to all the laws as established herein. Until a quorum of felicitous colleagues is accomplished, our glorious founder has the duty and right to ruleth by decree.
  • User:Nutty Roux - The gentleman has determined to be a member, and he doth state that in his countenance never a more magnanimous article shallst appear now or again, and in the eternity of time. He hath paid his sinecure, and now he doth become a member of the said party, that is bound by the laws as established by the constitution, divine in its manifestation and its scope interminable in detail.
  • User:Sterile - Has appeared to have acquired consent for membership, as unanimous consent implies, he doth be accepted forthwith.
  • User:TitusAtticus - Titus has sworn fealty to the society and its munificent founder, one MarcusCicero, and has resolved to partake in a course of action to resume libertyith to thisith esteemed institution, and to participate in the great purges of aspies that lie ahead.


First Amendement[edit]

Rationalwiki shall ban all members underneath the age of 16, universally regarded as the age of maturity and manhood, and that all members who currently are below this age threshold are indeed punished by force of siteban, and thateth we continue to persueth this noble and stated aims for the deliverance of libertyith to this wiki.

Second Amendment[edit]

That in exceptional circumstances a purge of dissidents is accepted and indeed required, since the purge shall release the fires of rage, and that Dante's Inferno, though it be of myth, doth not conformeth to the laws requireth, and thateth we determined here fortwith, with precedent established thateth all authoritarian members, shall be purged from the wiki, and left to squirm foreth thine liberty, in a similar manner to how theyeth treat the sons of liberty, in what is theireth attempt to rule by iron force. We shall resist and it is said verily.

Third Amendment[edit]

That forthwith, the 'Saloon bar' shalleth be legitimate no more, that its progeny be persecuted and purged, and from the fires of the inferno liberty shall reign anew, it is foretold.

Fourth Amendment[edit]

In the face of thine enemies, without due cause and process, and in the absense of Habeus Corpus, our magnificent leader (One MarcusCicero) doth inherently posses the virtues of reason and embodies the spirit of liberty, and is enabled by decree with the authority of this society, to call people any number of calumnies, including but not excluding the vernacular slang terms' 'Aspie', 'Idiot', 'Halfwit', 'Moron', 'virgin', 'freak', 'loser', 'imbecile' and 'cretin'. Other members of the society are permitted to useth such termeth as requiredeth, but withith a specificith recommendation of the society and its founder, one Marcus Cicero.

Fifth Amendment[edit]

That in the event of premature death, the members of the society as established must pass into law and writing their intention to grant their pensions and other collectibles found within the will to be passed on to the Reform Society, so thateth it be used for purposes as befitting the societyith.