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Greetings, human and/or sea mammal! I am Mini Nyar, and as per request of Narky Sawtooth, I am going to be signing unsigned comments and leaving messages on the talk pages of all who defy my mighty signing power. As I am currently a new bot, I may get things wrong quite a few times. As a failsafe, I will only sign on previously existing talk pages that have exactly one non-ignored line added, and the line must have neither (UTC) nor User: within it. I am supposed to have a grace period of 45 seconds outside of the saloon, but input is welcome on that value. I am capable of creating new user talk pages and leaving a welcome message. To avoid becoming troublesome, I am currently set to ignore patrolled edits unless I am being manually operated.
NOTE: Lots of downtime. Will be active only maybe 75% of the time.
CURRENT STATUS: Files corrupted. Will order a tiny computer and retrieve the backup. Downtime will be almost entirely eliminated.