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My banning by the CPTPD without even introducing a significant fact to their reality:

First CP edit: 12:23, 15 July 2007

First removal of CP edit: 14:33, 15 July 2007

Blocked from CP: 15:33, 15 July 2007 (Explanation: "Bye")

Total CP edits: 10, with slight improvement in wording of one making 11 on contributions page

CP edits removed as of 15:42 CDT on 15 July 2007: 3

All in all, I'm impressed by TK's boldness in following my (slightly incorrect) edit of LBJ to my slight additions to the ACLU terrorism section to my blasphemous change of "censor" to "remove" when discussing the alteration of the LA County Seal within only one hour. I am further impressed by his single-minded dedication to the really important thing, the 2 points he got for a block in the ongoing team contest. This is shown by his willingness to fire off a block with only three letters of explanation, though a better alternative might have been "FU," as this only takes two.


I am a student at Colorado College, studying history. I found this fine website while observing the disaster that is CP, and I was immediately inspired to do my part in the ongoing struggle against CP, managing to get banned by TK for not toeing the party line, as recounted above. The fact that CP is supposed to be a student resource frightens me, and so I hope to do my part in the fight against this foolishness.

"For my own part I would as soon be descended from that heroic little monkey, who braved his dreaded enemy in order to save the life of his keeper; or from that old baboon, who, descending from the mountains, carried away in triumph his young comrade from a crowd of astonished dogs-as from a savage who delights to torture his enemies, offers up bloody sacrifices, practices infanticide without remorse, treats his wives like slaves, knows no decency, and is haunted by the grossest superstitions."-Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man