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User:Mountain Blue

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"Folks need to realize they have to sanitize their net presence. Those drunken
spring break pictures have got to go, and they have got to go a few years before
you plan on getting that job so that they've made their way out of caches"
What You Don't Get About the Job Search

  • I'm the guy that hosts Conservaleaks.
  • It's true the Mountain Blue is a species of butterfly, but it's not one of Nabokov's Blues and Ed had nothing to do with it.
  • I'm also not a sock of Karamoo.
  • In a previous life I ran an archiver bot that took snapshots of Conservapedia at irregular intervals to preserve their pages and edit histories for the benefit of future historians. Feel free to mail me if there's an old article or talk page discussion you need but can't find; I have a documented history of being able to dig out things the trustworthies have deleted at some point.
  • I have a sister with a real-life name of Heidrun. I can probably be talked into accepting sacrifical offerings on her behalf.