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Nils Linus Weber (born on June 16, 1997 in Allershausen, Bavaria, Germany) is a German born musician, cartoonist, comedian, writer, conspiracy theorist and raving lunatic.


His career began through the internet in 2011 when he made two Minecraft related YouTube videos. He remained apolitical for long. He became a Christian in 2017. He later made gaming videos but now says to have stopped gaming because "it caused my mental health trouble".

Eventually he started to spread alt-right conspiracies like Greta Thunberg supposedly being transgender. Later he began drawing and mostly did fanart, but also political art from 2022 on. His political interests eventually lead him to making music.


While so far having released only one song ([1], of course him mocking homeless people recorded with an iPhone in the worst possible quality), he is said to have recorded more. His own words on music: ([2]).

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