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Hello there! I go by the name "OverworldTheme" here. Other accounts with this same name on other sites may or may not belong to me.

There's really not much to say about myself. I am an American that grew up, like so many others, in a conservative Christian family. I was even homeschooled from the fourth grade onward. In my youth I was a die-hard Republican (the kind that hung on every word from the mouth of Rush Limbaugh) but the Internet corrupted me with pesky things like facts and I pretty much abandoned the party in 2010 when they lost their minds and went stark raving mad. In the past I was an old Earth creationist, but I have since been led astray by evilution.

Religiously, I am an apostate. Politically, I consider myself an independent since I don't care for either party, though I highly favor the Democrats over the GOP.

It is my goal to be a help on RationalWiki, and not a hindrance.