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I am a retired associate professor of theoretical chemistry of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Here is my homepage.

I was a physics and chemistry editor at Citizendium (CZ) for almost three years and contributed 345 articles, see my homepage for a list of contributions. I left CZ after a conflict about the deletion of an article that took the idiotic "substance"(?)Ormus seriously. My main reason for requesting deletion was that I considered it a waste of time trying to write neutrally about Ormus, (I foresaw long and tedious discussions about it) and my secondary, more formal, point was that the decision whether or not to delete it was up to chemistry editors. The other active chemistry editor (now the only one) supported me.

This affair showed: (i) that experts are not in such high esteem at CZ as most people on the Web seem to think, (ii) that CZ has a soft spot for fringe subjects, and (iii) that a high percentage of the "citizenry" likes it much better to hassle on the forum and in talk pages than to actually write content. The third point explains why so many "citizens" jumped on me when I made my very first request ever for deletion of an article.

Useful link: Whois.