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Hai!! :3

# This user chats on Discord as postuhenin.
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I'm Postuhenin! Known by other aliases on other sites, but I dare not reveal those aliases here for the sake of not revealing a very embarrassing past on the Interwebz...but regardless, I am a happy lil non-binary panromantic asexual teenager from the bowels of Alaska, with interests in psychology, law,[note 1] reading, writing, drawing, animating, roleplaying, comedy, programming, and more! Do feel free to contact me if you just feel like having a funny conversation![note 2]

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  1. Yes, I linked to a disambiguation page on purpose because I do have an interest in all these forms of law!!
  2. Most likely one that begins with this question: "If you could become any animal you wanted to be, which one would you turn into and why?"...BUT I'M DOWN TO CHAT ABOUT (almost) ANYTHING >:)