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Searching through the bullshit in social media is a very mentally demanding task. Fortunately, there are people who do this for you (such as me, no need to thank me /s). Using these links, you too can stay up to date on the latest notable shenanigans of the more cranky social media bubbles.

If you are looking for inspiration for writing an article, these links can introduce you to concepts or people who may deserve a spot on RatWiki.

Roughly ordered by categories. Feel free to add to this list.



  • /r/Buttcoin. A community of cryptocurrency/blockchain/NFT/web3/whatever critics.
  • /r/gme_meltdown. A community of critics of GME/AMC/BBBY and other stock cults.

Political movements[edit]


  • /r/vaxxhappened. Critics of anti-vaccine people and communities.
  • /r/HermanCainAward. Not strictly about medicine, but does provide some stories on people who abandoned evidence-based medicine and faced the obvious consequence of their choices.

Social media critics[edit]

This is a category of communities who criticize social media's moderation decisions.

  • /r/AgainstHateSubreddits. A community of critics of Reddit's administration. They point out hate and subreddits promoting violence.



For more information, see: RationalWiki:Webshites

Sometimes, you just have to go to the original source.


A list is available at the Reddit article on RationalWiki.


#Trump2024 on TikTok.

List of notable stuff found on these links[edit]

  • Med beds. A magical cure-it-all making a lot of noise on QAnon communities. May or may not be available to the public, depending on who you ask. See #MedBeds on TikTok.
  • Awakening EducationCreate draft. Some kind of insane New Age cult-like group. Run by 2 people, with a website that looks straight out of GTA 5, where they offer grade-A bullshit courses. These are the med beds for connecting to a spaceship people. One thing that they mention a lot is the idea of dimensions. They helpfully explain it in this post.