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This rabbit stole the carrot, and will now proceed to eat it
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Turkmenistan needs your help!

Recent political turmoil has led to increased Internet censorship in the country. Tor has been one of the only ways for the country's citizens to access a free Internet.

You can help them by running a Tor obfs4 bridge!


  • Get a hold of an IPv4 address in a range not yet blocked in the country, where port 80 (HTTP), 8080, or 443 (HTTPS) is not yet in use. Other ports may not be reachable for people inside the country. Addresses in residential ranges, universities, and United States IPs are recommended.
  • Install obfs4 (guide here).
  • Send your bridge line to, who will then distribute it to users that need it through the standard channels.

Other bridges like WebTunnel may also be helpful, however they are harder to run. Want to setup WebTunnel but don't know how? I may be able to help depending on if I have free time, shoot me an email and we'll talk.

tor-relays mailing list post:

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or do they?

Hi, I'm Rabbitseatcarrots, also known as rabbit guy (which is also the name of my super-secret sockpuppet). I like editing about a bunch of stuff.

You can contact me on:

  • XMPP (see User:Rabbitseatcarrots/xmppguide if you are new to this and want a quick list of good clients and servers) (JID:, OMEMO fingerprint: 25E83D0C 8E482718 CE5F61B7 6733DF25 6D7F6DE0 73227672 5B74FA19 A154E15A), preferred.
  • my talkpage, preferred if it's not something that needs to be private.
  • email (I have an email associated with this account, just click "Email this user", PGP public key available on request), don't really check it much, only use if it's all you have and it must be private.

Some fun facts about me[edit]

  • In my late teens, I was a lurker at the infamous /r/GamersRiseUp. Yeah, I was "ironically" into the whole 13/50. I don't really remember how I got out of all that, not helping is the fact that my memory seems like it gets worse (probably not helping that I lead a very repetitive life, where all days seem to blend together). Don't know what that subreddit was? Consider yourself blessed. Want to know what that subreddit was before the ban? Here you go. ABANDON HOPE, ALL YE WHO ENTER.
  • Despite being from Spain (as evidenced by my first edits), I know more about United States politics that I probably will ever know about politics on my country.

My best works on the wiki[edit]

These are articles for which I contributed a lot of content and am, in some way, proud of those contributions.

  • Med beds: Created after I saw some Reddit posts on r/Qult_Headquarters, this is perhaps my best work in mainspace. Some people may see a red flag in that the article relies a lot on references to social media posts, but those posts are merely either screenshots of emails and social media posts, or, in the claim that the Tesla BioHealing devices are cans of cement, is a video of a person directly opening one of the company's cans. They aren't speculation, and so I consider those good references.

Rabbitseatcarrots' library[edit]

My favorite articles[edit]

  • Fun:RationalWiki Rules for Feedback. Specially this: If someone does something well, simply nod your head and permit yourself a smile as you read their work. Do not under any circumstances attempt to communicate your satisfaction to the editor, since this leads to complacency. When something goes wrong, it's vitally important that you point this out in as many places as possible.
  • Fun:Obamunism. Fun overall, but what I most liked when I first read it was the image captions.
  • Forum:"Socialist" Spanish soccer team. Found it searching "what links here" on Obamunism. Socialist Rajoy, wow.
  • Charlie Kirk. The quote at the beginning is just perfect.

Quotes from the greatest intellectuals of our time[edit]

But the question is not whether a thing hurts someone, the question is "why should I care that I hurt someone"? Why shouldn't I hurt someone?[1]
Matt Walsh
There's no secular argument against adult incest. Brother and sister want to make love? What's your argument? That they can produce mentally retarded off-spring? Nonsense.[1]
Dennis Prager

Can't believe that person exists[edit]

Ever clicked random page on the wiki and landed on an article about a person so unbelievably out there they can't possibly exist, but somehow do? Here's a list of those I found interesting


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