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I think my main problem is that I don't like being around near anybody.

Flag of California.svg
This user lives in the California Republic.
I am a man.png
This user is male.
"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
"I am the walrus"
Are you the eggman?
Dem This user supported Barack Obama for President, and is glad he won.
Political compass small logo.gif
This user's Political Compass coordinates are (-6.00,-6.46).
Anti communist.png This user is strictly opposed to Communism.
This user is strictly opposed to libertarianism
Blue Marble.jpg
This user is concerned about the environment.
This user went to a public school, and was never homeschooled.
USDA Prime RibEye.jpg
This user thinks
cows are tasty.
50 States flag.png
This user thinks there is a lot more to the world than this.
George w bush.jpeg This user would rather eat the chunks of corn in their crap than support George W. Bush.
Gay flag.svg
This user believes in equal rights for gay people.
racism This user is biased against racists.
This user thinks arms should be "well regulated" per the Second Amendment
This user believes
in universal healthcare
This user didn't care who won the 2016 presidential election, as long as it wasn't a Republican.
hella This user is hella liberal.
This user is
and is not going to take it anymore!
Agnostic Question Mark.svg This user is an agnostic; they don't know if there's a God.
Bibleopened.jpeg This user believes the Bible is just another book
This user tries to remember the overarching message of Jesus: Tolerance and Love.
Warning This user does not care about your religious beliefs, so long as they are not forced on the rest of us.
This user thinks that evolution explains the origin of species.
Universe expansion.png
This user thinks that the Big Bang explains the origin of the Universe.
Q space.svg This user knows the difference between scientific astronomy and superstitious astrology. Astrologyproject.svg
This user suffers from
terminal procrastination!
Einstein tongue.png
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

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