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I do not belive in any of these things such as miracles, dieties, hell, heaven, immaculate conception etc., but I don't mind anybody beliving them unless he holds toxic beliefs such as that non belivers/belivers in other religions will go to hell and should be treated as "enemies", some state should be a theocracy, anybody who does not worship One True God is immoral, we should force our religion down the throats of others etc...or if the person in question is being brainwashed by a dangerous cult. I am strongly against any attempts to mix church with state, try to force religion to schools, the vulgar assault on science and rationality known as "intelligent design theory" or "creation science", or, worse "Young Earth Creationism" or "Modern Geocentrism" or the piece of total kool AIDSeness; "Flat-Earth Society". Also, I don't like conspiracy theories and their true belivers because most of the time they are not based on any evidence and are just made up pieces of paranoid garbage that are easily debunked in a few lines, worse, they sometimes include racist garbage such as conspiracy theories about a "Judeo-Masonic conspiracy" etc. I am pro-life because I belive that abortion is a denial of the right to live for the child and "fetus" is already a developing human no matter how "pro-choice" people will try to obfuscate it and I thus belive that it should be performed only in cases when the mother's life is endangered, or if she lives in such poverty that the child will have a very bad life or if the baby would be born deformed with a very severe disability (not things such as deformed limbs [btw I have that, my hands are strongly deformed] or mental disability when the child is not just a human vegetable, but only the severe cases when the neural tube is missing, or the child is almost entirely paralized and would spend the rest of her/his life on a bed etc.). Otherwise, I am strongly liberal and belive in social justice, freedom, equality, scientific truth and I also belive that goverment should be as small as it is possible and that laws should not be abused to force people to obey the goverment.I think that soft drug illegalization is very unjust and silly because alcohol can be much more harmful but it is still legal and things like cannabis, shrooms...are forbidden because they cannot bring profits to the goverment as anybody who has the seeds/spores can grow them in their own garden. I belive that the current goverment of the USA is dangerous and should be replaced as soon as possible and that today's Republican Party is a dangerous far right organisation. And George Bush is a raving wingnut that likes war to enrich his favourite big corporations and then excuses it with "we just wanted to free the people..." etc..

I belive that the Conservapedia is either a very clever parody or it surely must be written from a mental asylum.

I am also bisexual and sick of the hate-mongering that is being sent to us from the fanatic conservatives that want to uphold "family values" by spewing hate like if we were any threat against family.

  • If you find some obvious grammar mistakes in my writing please consider that English is not my native language.

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