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This page is under construction until the page's city council is able to approve a new bond measure to the ballot later this year currently stuck in a three way grid-lock,"Yes-No-Present" vote in order renegotiate its contract with the page construction company whose boss is having a stand-off with typers' union over words-per-minute on what constitutes a word and if it's a vague or actual minute all the while having communications between the workers and boss being delayed or edited to further the conflict by the "dumb blonde" secretaty hired by the boss solely for her looks who recently moved herself to a corner desk to avoid his stare and is enjoying the chaos going on around her since it helps her keep her secret that she is actually a secret PhD student biding her time while she uses company time to mine bitcoin on all unused company computers in the basement for "processing forms" as well as playing "Dwarf Fortress" on her computer which she plays off as a new theme for Excel.