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Austistic Transgender Anarchist
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This user smashes Nazis and their defenders into small pieces with extreme prejudice.
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This user is an anarcho-transhumanist

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in universal healthcare
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I strongly favour acceleration of technological development and the destruction of capitalism, transhumanism, hyper-dense urbanism with solarpunk characteristics, morphological autonomy, and digitally coordinated, anarchistic gift economies.

I also take a fair degree of philosophical influence from Stirner, but I don't consider myself an egoist. I'm absolutely not anticiv or primitivist in any way - large scale, decentralized, non-hierarchical, fractally complex organization is my jam.

I'm not in favour of degrowth or steady state economies, but the current notion of growth is unsustainable. My favoured economic concept is what I would term a HEHTPC (High Energy, High Throughput, Primarily Cyclical) economy based around large scale digitally coordinated gift economics to simultaneously avoid the information bottleneck (and central control) inherent to planned economies, and the accumulation of power and wealth and hierarchical relationships in currency and market based economics.

I'm a fan of radical farming techniques like vertical farming and lab-grown meat, as well as the construction of orbital rings and space habitats. I believe that decentralized manufacturing (such as 3D printing) is vital to inducing an open (-source, -hardware, -specification) post-capitalist economy, whether peacefully or by more radical social transformations.

In terms of strategy, I strongly favour what I would term pragmatic idealism. I advocate for multiple positions simultaneously. Should the least radical get implemented, I don't consider this a job done - my goal remains to push for the more radical position, rather than such a position being used merely as political leverage.

For example, I favour the implementation of UBI within the context of current automation trends for a number of reasons (union leverage, general opposition to the current model of society in which inability to produce profit for another person induces you to be considered worthless, giving people breathing room, and it would also improve my personal situation), while simultaneously supporting the abolition of currency. It is possible to advocate for these simultaneously and truthfully say you support both.

My transhumanist and anarchist philosophy are intrinsically linked, and my desire for anarchistic organization is a direct result of my transhumanism. I consider involuntary biological death an abomination against sapient life (including myself), and support the overthrow of all tyranny of biology upon all people via technological advancement and self-determination of both body and identity. In many ways, I consider the act of transitioning as a transgender person a transhumanist act, and one of the most radical (in a good way) possible today.

I prefer my name in lowercase.