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I agree that Sheesh is not the most impressive contributor here. humanUser talk:Human 23:03, 15 March 2008 (EDT)


  • Definition: interjection: Used to express mild annoyance, surprise, or disgust[ especially at arrogant, dishonest and self-serving hypocrites].
  • Etymology: Alteration of Jesus
  • Sheesh! is not: "the most impressive contributor here" [1], meat on a stick (a la a kabob --that's shish), a "toerag" [2] (assuming that means something like a rag for toes), "a sad and bitter nobody"[3] (at least not usually), "a spotty teen with a child-porn fixation" [4] (Ok, I admit I have no idea what "spotty" means here, but I am not a teen and I only like wimmins around my own age -- this includes pictures -- mysterious "hotties" on my talk page not withstanding) or a sock of anybody (particularly not TK)

On the matter of hats[edit]


Thanks in Advance


Desysop Sheesh![edit]

He is mad clumsy withpower!

Claimor and Disclaimor[edit]

Note: Sheesh! is a purely fictional character (in a hard world, bro!). Any resemblance to our their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is purely etymological. Lots of animals have been killed or injured in the making of Sheesh! Dogs and cats have lived together, passed way and been largely replaced. Sheesh! is not responsible.