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  1. Warning by Conservative for changing Speed of light. (Reference)
    • Later taken back. No harm done.
  2. Ban (1 day) by Niandra. (Reference)
    • Accident with the ban tool, she apologized. No harm done.
  3. Warning by Aschlafly about using sarcasm on his Talk page. (Reference)
    • Apparently serious. Note to self: Don't be sarcastic on his Talk page.
  4. Quasi-Warning by Aschlafly about removing gossip from the Wikipedia article. (Reference)
    • I promised not to edit Wikipedia article anymore.
  5. Ban (2 hours) by TK for fixing dead-end pages and adding stub notices to them. (Reference)
    • Unbanned after a few minutes, but while I was banned...
  6. Warning by TK for fixing accidental censorship and for implementing changes a sysop wanted to do. (Reference)
    • Discussion involved harassment by TK, later changed to him simply ignoring the fact that he messed up twice.
    • Filed a complaint with bureaucrat Aschlafly.
    • Complaint got stuffed into an archive without a single reply.
  7. Ban (14 minutes) by Ed Poor for "insults", most likely for when I replied to TK's flamebait. (Reference)
    • Expired.
  8. Ban (12 hours) by Ed Poor for this use of sarcasm on the Theory of evolution Talk page. (Reference)
    • Expired.
    • Note to self: Sarcasm is only okay when it's directed against non-conservative views.
  9. Ban (1 month) by Karajou for asking uncomfortable questions regarding <irony>the ban of three other users</irony>.
    • Unbanned by BenjaminS less than an hour later.
    • The amount of unwritten rules that can lead to (temp-)banning is disturbing.
  10. Ban (infinite) by TK - re-ban. Not sure why the re-ban is "slightly longer" than the original one, though... (Reference)
    • Unbanned by Aschlafly after mail exchange.
    • There is something weird going on here. Time for a look at the bigger picture.
  11. Ban (infinite) by Karajou for again questioning his behavior in the same issue as his other ban since it came up again (Reference)
    • By now (post-5/16), this is simply typical TK/Karajou/etc. behavior. Back when it happened, it had been a bit more special, though.
    • Finally unbanned (after almost three months) by Ed Poor.
  12. Ban (2 hours) by Ed Poor for Sarcasm. I guess he meant my "Any chance of me actually being allowed to edit my "castle" (AHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE!) again anytime soon?" comment I made after TK and Ed locked and multi-reverted my user page.
    • Unbanned after 7 minutes by TK! Who da man? Who da-...oh, wait...
  13. Ban (infinite) by TK for "trolling and working one sysop against the other". I have NO idea WTF this is supposed to mean.
    • Unbanned after 39 minutes by RobS! Whoohoo!
  14. Ban (infinite) by TK, only six minutes after the unban. Also, for the first time, my "probation" is being mentioned. News to me!
    • Unbanned after 7 minutes by RobS!
  15. Ban (infinite) by TK. This time, my freedom lasted 8 minutes.

The events of #9-#11 are further explained in User:Sid/Bible Ban Chronicles