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This page originally appeared on RW1. To the best of my knowledge, I have been the main editor of it. This is simply a factual account of events, so there should be no issue with reposting this. Some parts may be out of date as the original editing happened in short bursts after the events. I'll also add some more sources later on.

I reposted this here as a documentation of (1) how I got perma-banned and (2) how well some sysops handle simple content discussions on CP.


Since I haven't edited the stuff below, there will be a few links to non-existent (or wrong) talk page versions. Both these cases are about this part from cp:Bible:

The Greek word biblos was based upon this, and it came to be the word for book (a small book was termed biblion), and by the 2nd century, A.D. Greek Christians had called the Scriptures ta Biblia (τα βιβλία the books), which was transferred to Latin by dropping the ta; the word made its way to Old French where the plural was dropped in favor of the singular, hence becoming the English word Bible.

Before April 16, this section had "la biblia" instead of the correct "ta biblia" in it. All discussion and the entire aftermath is based on this one typo. The discussion about this went through THREE rounds, and in the end, AKjeldsen managed to convince Karajou to make this edit that got quite a few people had to pay for with being perma-bannedimg.

If you want to follow some of the discussions, the first cp:Talk:Bible archive covers the entire first section while the second archive covers the second section. Karajou initially deleted both of those discussions - they had to be archived by other users. Karajou also erased the exchanges from his talk page - I'll dig out permalinks later on.

"Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball"[edit]

  • Petrus, NousEpirrhytos, and Karajou start a discussion about the Bible on Talk:Bible.
  • Petrus gets banned by TK ("Insults/Disruption/Insulting Jesusimg"), Nous gets banned roughly 12 hours later by Karajou ("attacks on the Bible...this is Conservapedia, not 'Liberalpedia'img"). Both bans are infinite.
  • Nematocyte and Sid post on Karajou's Talk page to ask about Nous' ban. Nematocyte asks whether it was about the Bible discussion, and Sid brings up Petrus' ban since (1) he posted in the discussion and (2) got banned for a similar reason.
  • TK "chimes in" to effectively state that Sid and Nematocyte aren't allowed to ask questions in this issue since they're not involved. He suggests to take it to Sysop Abuse, though.
  • Nematocyte starts a post on Sysop Abuse.
  • Karajou finally reacts and makes a long post on Talk:Bible and his User Talk page that apparently grinds down to "There is a rule that forbids questioning the Bible; the discussion is closed."
  • Sid asks on Talk:Bible whether this is an admission that two users got banned because of the discussion.
  • Karajou replies with "This question, Sid, is what you will answer first: are you pushing your own religious beliefs on myself, this article, and this website?img", to which Sid posts an answer.
  • Karajou then simply repeats that "disrespect of the Bible will not be tolerated". He also gives Sid a "last warning" to accept this rule or else. Sid repeats the question and explicitly ignores warnings based on non-existent rules.
  • Meanwhile, Sid and Myk argue that Karajou does not get to close the discussion just like that. What followed was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid:
  • All three are unbanned by BenjaminS ("I am prepared to be corrected on this but I could not find a single thing that warranted a block on this user").
  • Petrus is still blocked, Nous got unblocked by ColinR ("attacks were not made on the bible, only bible literalism, something this site doesn't explicity endorse as far as I can see/have been told by other sysops.").
  • Nous got re-blocked by Ed Poor ("reblock - should apologize before being reinstated").
  • Sid got re-blocked by TK ("Thou Shalt Not Reverse Another Sysop's Blocks! Andy will decide such conflicts!"). Block got upgraded from the original "1 month" to "infinite".
  • Sid has been unblocked by Aschlafly because of private communication clarifying the original block reason, promising not to poke Karajou for now (He's not terribly active as a mod, and this issue is pretty much out of our hands, so it's no big deal.) and showing a 22% "productivity rate".
  • Myk got re-blocked by TK for one month (Thou Shalt Not Reverse Another Sysop's Blocks! Andy will decide such conflicts!").

Happy Fun Ball II[edit]

Again, this is about "la biblia" or "ta biblia". One letter. A possible typo.

  • Ulysses posts a rantimg on Talk:Bible, complaining about the incident and pointing out that it should be "ta biblia" and not "la biblia" - the same typo that led to the banning of six people just days before.
  • Ulysses posts a link on Sid's Talk page, Sid later posts two sources supporting "ta biblia"
  • Karajou questions both sources and deletes the opening post from Talk:Bible after calling it a "babyish rant"
  • Ulysses gets an infinite ban by Karajou ("immature rantingimg").
  • Cracker chimes in to discuss. Daemon provides a link to a Spanish site that supports "ta biblia", and Cracker provides a fourth source.
  • Sid restores the opening post, which then gets reverted by HSDad. A second attempt using Ed Poor's "Remove Personal Remark" template seems to do the trick, though. Sid then provides two more sources and points out (in boldface and big) that Ulysses got perma-banned.
  • Karajou apparently demands an "authoritative source" ("authoritative expert on ancient languages") and refuses to accept any of the sources.
  • Cracker retreats from the discussion, Sid agrees and points out the high ban-count. (Reference: Talk:Bible as of then)
  • Sid gets an infinite ban by Karajou ("This user engages in edit wars and battles with others continually, and refuses to stop. He will not be allowed back except under Aschlafly's discression").