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Which pages on CP are deleted and protected? CP has a handy template for just this occasion, which makes it quite easy to track which subjects are big "No-no"s on the Trusworthy Encyclopedia.

How to tag a page as D&P[edit]

Currently, there are at least cp:Deletedpage, cp:Conservapedia:Deletedpage, cp:Template:Deletedpage, cp:Template:Deleted page and cp:Conservapedia:Deleted and Protected. The first article is one of the family-friendly articles CP brags about, and everything else points at the CP:Deletepage article.

Originally, the procedure to tag a page as Deleted and Protected was as follows:

  1. Delete the article in question
  2. Recreate it as a redirect to CP:Deletedpage
  3. Protect the article

Nowadays, this procedure is often... ignored. Most of the time, the first step is simply viewed as redundant, leading to quite a few articles still having a nice history of vandalism.

What was included or left out on the list?[edit]

I included all entries that are not "User" or "User talk" pages. When considering what links to an article, I usually considered only mainspace articles unless the non-mainspace article linking to it was a hilarious case (such as cp:Conservapedia:Articles That Need To Be Created linking to an article that has been deleted and protected).

It is possible that there are mistakes on this list. I went through it manually, and it's possible that I skipped a line or misread something. I think the quantity of errors should be very low, though. If you find something that's wrong, post on the talk page. The list also needs some nicer format (most noticeably the links in the "links to this" parts) - I might tackle that one later if I feel like it.

I included which articles link to a D&P article because these are links people are likely to follow (for example, the only outgoing link of cp:Neisseria gonorrhoeae is Gonorrhea, which is D&P) and which will lead to slight "WTF?" moments.

The List (August 5)[edit]