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I'm Kevin and I'm a baby-eating bible-rejecting monkey-evolving 20 year old. For a good few months before signing up at RationalWiki, I've been what I would describe as an active reader of both Conservapedia and RationalWiki: Conservapedia to laugh at, RationalWiki to laugh with. Then one day, I saw a "news" posting and saw that it was my chance to make a WIGO - but no-sir, I'm not one to give away my IP-address that easily. So I made this account and made me a WIGO.

I'm also an editor at Wikipedia under the same name and am pretty active there. I probably won't be too active here, but you may see me around.

Have a g'day.

Praise for SuperHamster[edit]

Anybody who told you to try poetry writing simply couldn't have given you worse advice.
--Idiot number 58

Oh Super Hamster
How boring you really are
makes my anus weep

Oh, just shut up.