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She lies in bed, it's dark and cold outside. She knows how the smell of food penetrates into the room. Now she knows what awaits her. she hopes that time would just stop so she did not have to go down, did not have to sit at the table and see how the food is just mocking her. She hears a cry, it will nerfrån, Mom, yes it is the mother who cried at her: - Come on down and eat, food is ready.

She knows how she starts to sweat, heart beating harder and harder. Slowly, she rises up, goes to the door and down the stairs.

There are those already waiting for her, the food is presented dukad. She's afraid, her fear is now in front of her.

many are now full of food, she was thinking of all the calories that are there, her heart smooth hårdae and harder.

The others are sitting around the table, eating and enjoying their food. But she can not do it. gurkbiten cut into many pieces, bit by bit, she swallows down. but now it is not more, Enough is enough, she hears what they say to her to eat faster,

Stupid Stupid cucumber.

to take larger bites.

But it does not, she can not, in her voice MOCKER for her, for her weakness, why she had not listened to it from the start, why to her? why she got into the stupid calories she could have escaped. Stupid Stupid cucumber.

she grasps the glass is filled with water, and panic rushes in to her now. she throws against the wall and sppringer up the stairs. she heard the glass goes into a thousand pieces.

She quickly locks the door to his room, turn on the music at maximum volume, everything to silent scream within him. She hears a faint cry outside the door, it's mom. but she can not open, she may not.

She sits next to my bed, tears flowing. Suddenly she sees the little box under the bed, where her freedom exists, where the forward botmedlet against anxiety exists.

She slowly opens the box sits on the bed, she take up the new razor blade she had saved for the moment she really need it. The tears flow over, and panic will only be stronger and stronger.

Quickly drag her three times with the blade of the wrist, She lies down on the bed, feeling the lovely burning sensation, She knows just how the blood streams down, she closes her eyes and hear how the music volume will be weaker, weaker, weaker ...