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'ello, lads.

Armbands so I may be better categorised when the NWO comes
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cows are tasty.
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I'm a British person and chimp with a machine gun pettifogger lawyer from Nottingham (although I've lived in Norwich for quite some time now). I'd say that I only edit wikis when pissed, but I don't think there's a time when I have less than two pints inside of me (or a glass of Johnnie Walker's for particularly tough days). My raison d'être for editing this wiki is debunking the gits and skets who think they smarter than the law, because they amuse me to no end.

By the way, my username derives from the fact that I used to be huge into coding free and open source stuff (and practically worshipped Stallman) back when I was a wee lad.