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This isn't actually me, but it's the closest you're gonna get.

Hi, I'm The Crow!

Nothing much here I'm afraid. Usually if you see me, I'm either butting in on some talkpage discussion or I revert obvious vandalism. I don't contribute much to mainpage stuff, but I'm always around watching that Recent changes page.

The name comes from the Bloodborne boss "The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst". In case you couldn't tell, I like Dark Souls.

I'm also a weeb.

I guess I'll see what happens and what I oughta end up placing here.

Also I like programming stuff. If you have any Python questions, don't hesitate to ask (don't think it would ever come up here, but who knows). In relation to that, I happened to be the 1024th sysop on rationalwiki at the time I got approved (which is mostly funny to only me, but I take pride in silly things).

Stuff that I think is relevant[edit]

The links below are mainly of interest to me. They link to pages I have taken an interest in or where I have ongoing discussions, as well as any user subpages I have.


  • Richard Stallman - Incomplete page, needs more discussion about Stallmans general crankery. Working on this in a sandbox right now.

User subpages[edit]

Me elsewhere[edit]

So you somehow think I'm an interesting person do you now? Well, I have no clue how you got that idea but if you do think so, here's me in a couple of other places:

  • Twitter Because who doesn't have one of these nowadays.
  • Pleroma A little more obscure, but the fediverse is a fun place. Come and check it out.
  • General purpose website The root ain't much, but there's some stuff on there that might be interesting for someone I guess.
  • Keybase Assorted other accounts
  • And if you just want to talk to me, you can find me on Discord under noirscape#6666 (note: Discriminator and username potential subject to change. My user ID is 126747960972279808. That one persists across renames.)