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You want to know me?
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# This user chats on Discord as Techpriest#6666 (126747960972279808).
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"Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil... prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon..."
Terry Pratchett, talking about Doom
"There is no truth in flesh, only betrayal."

"There is no strength in flesh, only weakness."

"There is no constancy in flesh, only decay."

"There is no certainty in flesh but death."
—Credo Omnissiah

It's ya girl Techpriest. I'm your friendly neighborhood tech.

|f-"Y\|      ------------------
\()7L/      | BE GAY DO CRIMES |
 cgD         ------------------ __ _
 |\(                  \       .'  Y '>,
  \ \                  \     / _   _   \
   \\\                       )(_) (_)(|}
    \\\                      {  4A   } /
     \\\                      \uLuJJ/\l
      \\\                     |3    p)/
       \\\___ __________      /nnm_n//
       c7___-__,__-)\,__)(".  \_>-<_/D
                  //V     \_"-._.__G G_c__.-__<"/ ( \
                         <"-._>__-,G_.___)\   \7\
                        ("-.__.| \"<.__.-" )   \ \
                        |"-.__"\  |"-.__.-".\   \ \
                        ("-.__"". \"-.__.-".|    \_\
                        \"-.__""|!|"-.__.-".)     \ \
                         "-.__""\_|"-.__.-"./      \ l
                          ".__""">G>-.__.-">       .--,_
                              ""  G

Some of the things I do related to RW (although I'm slightly busy these days, I should respond to you within at least a day!):

Usually you'll see me in votes or discussions about just about anything. Most of my mainspace contributions involve internet communities and it's what I'd also call my expertise (although I have no formal education on that matter). I'm particularly interested in the technical details of websites and their implementation. As a result, you may see me rapidly expanding or modifying inaccuracies on those matters on some pages.

I also run User:Inferno Bot and if that bot ever breaks (or if you need it to do something), my talkpage is open for the complaints. I also run the RationalWiki Support Chat. Come and say hi!

In addition, if you need assistance with something technical on mediawiki (such as template logic), do not be afraid to bug me about it!

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