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You want to know me?
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"Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil... prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon..."
Terry Pratchett, talking about Doom
"There is no truth in flesh, only betrayal."

"There is no strength in flesh, only weakness."

"There is no constancy in flesh, only decay."

"There is no certainty in flesh but death."
—Credo Omnissiah
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The name be Sirius. Not a star in the night sky, but a human being (alledgedly). I'm a tech on the wiki, and I generally try to help out wherever and whenever I can. If you need my assistance on any subject (whether it be wikitext, bot operation and so on and so forth), don't be afraid to ask me on my talkpage.

At one point considered dangerous enough for someone to consider "expelling" me.

I also run User:Inferno Bot.

Facts about Sirius

  • It is the brightest star you can see from earth!
  • It is a part of the constellation Ursa Major, also known as the Big Dipper or Greater Bear.
  • It is a binary star, which means it orbits around the galactic center (which is Sagittarius A*).
  • It would takes us 8.6 years at the speed of light to reach it.
  • The complaints department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation used to have as it's motto "Share and Enjoy" which was posted on the planet it was located on in a neon sign, however due to shoddy structure, the sign sank partially into the ground after an earthquake, causing it to read "Go stick your head in a pig". Nowadays the sign isn't lit anymore.

Political views

Inspired by like... the tons of other editors who have them listed out. I like having conversations on these, so please discuss them with me on my talkpage.

On ideologies

My ideology

  • Social Democracy - The ideology I'd identify myself with the most. I believe that striking a right balance between a free market and a government that provides for the needs of it's citizens (aka ensuring that every citizen has a decent life to begin with) is what should be done, with priority being on providing for the needs of it's citizens.

All those others

  • Capitalism - Unrestrained, this ideology will inevitably result in a monopolized market, where it's more viable for large corporations to undercut out their competition rather than innovate. It also can result in essential products becoming unavailable to the common man, if unrestrained. When controlled, it can result in a diverse market for luxury products.
    • Libertarianism - Capitalism, except now even the essential services most capitalists will not try to privatize since it'd be stupid to do so (such as the courts) get put in the hands of the corporations.
  • Marxism and all it's little offshoots.
    • Communism - A utopic dream. Historic attempts have always led to charismatic strongmen moving themselves into power, forgetting the ideals they're based on and just becoming an autocracy or a one-state government.
    • Democratic Socialism - Not bad in theory, but many of those who call themselves socialists take such a "my way or the highway" approach, that the ideology becomes undermined by it's own believers.
  • Fascism - Awful. Just plain awful.
    • Nazism - "Hey, this guy's a Nazi; would you like to drown him in his own piss?" the game[Wolfenstein] might ask. "Sorry, did you say something? I was busy drowning a Nazi in his own piss," we might reply. ~ Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, 2014.
  • Anarchism - Realistically unworkable. There will always be a governing body in some form.
  • Liberalism - Not much wrong with per se, although the lackluster response from many liberals to extreme far right behavior is quite concerning to me.

On politicians

  • Donald Trump - "overfried orange", "buffoon in the white house", "the man who is supposedly POTUS", "Putins bitch". All of these are words I've used for this guy. Inarguably both the most and least dangerous authoritarian president. The most dangerous since he's well, the friggin' POTUS. The least dangerous in that for the most part, Trump spouts out a whole lot of nothing and doesn't appear to be 100% aware of his own actions, unlike some other authoritarian presidents. Also seems to be mostly acting as a lightning rod distraction so that the GOP can pass bills they like and stack the courts.
  • Geert Wilders - Islamophobic scum.
  • Mark Rutte (dutch MP) - Not necessarily the man I'd vote for, but there's far worse options for someone to represent your country internationally.


  • Bernie Sanders - Theoretically, the best candidate on policy positions. Realistically, he currently stands no chance of winning the primary and even if he did, his actions as a president would be quite limited. Also an uncompromising ideologue who could risk dragging out the primaries for long enough for enough Democratic voters to either not vote or flip to Trump, which would be far more disastrous.
    • Berniebros: A dedicated section for them feels warranted, since most of their criticism doesn't fly for Bernie. Most of them appear to not be fully aware of how a democracy works, take one of the most toxic approaches to political discourse, only rivaled by that of the alt-right. They also overwhelmingly are willing to share and eat up fake news and engage in similar attacks as the Trump campaign back in 2016. A lot of their rethoric is rather explicitly a case of the Golden Hammer fallacy, resulting in attacks from them on other candidates who essentially espouse the same platform.
  • Joe Biden - A dinosaur. Pretty much an old white guy, with all the stuff that comes with it. The insinuation he's as bad as Trump is far overblown and the idea that voting between Biden and Trump is the same choice is blatant misinformation.
  • Elizabeth Warren - The one who should've won the nomination in my opinion. Pretty much got shafted thanks to a combination of Berniebros opting to attack her first rather than focusing on more pressing targets as well as the media dropping any and all coverage of her campaign for a week. Ran on effectively the same platform as Bernie on the big issues, yet got attacked for well, not being Sanders. The actual difference? Warren had plans and a procedure on how to implement them and get them through the democratic system. Sanders had (and to my knowledge still has not) any procedure on how to implement M4A, aside from his existing bill, which likely wouldn't be passed even if he did become POTUS.
  • Michael Bloomberg - Actually thought he could buy his way into the white house. Got his ass handed to him on stage.
  • Andrew Yang - Curious candidate. His overwhelming support for UBI is interesting, and I hope he develops more concrete views in the future.


  • Vaccines - Make them mandatory or allow them to be excused only with a doctors note. I've read reports on things like daycares forbidding children who don't get vaccinated. This is good and should be done more.

Note: more opinions TBA as I have them. Same on expanding existing ones.

Things I'm proud of

  • Updating the WIGO template to support WIGO COVID properly (instead of it dummying to WIGO World). Was done by modifying this file and this CSS. 21:49, 19 October 2020 (UTC)

User subpages

Me elsewhere

So you somehow think I'm an interesting person do you now? Well, I have no clue how you got that idea but if you do think so, here's me in a couple of other places:

  • Twitter Because who doesn't have one of these nowadays.
  • General purpose website The root ain't much, but there's some stuff on there that might be interesting for someone I guess.