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I used to be this guy, now I'm this guy. :)[edit]

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Political Views Radical Democracy is my core belief. People should have as much control as it possible over their life. I'm notionally on the far-left but I tend to clash with marxists and anarchists in equal measure.
Moral Views Consequentialism but ultimately I think being a good person is about sticking to one's principles. So I guess I'm a clumsy utilitarian that has lapsed into a bastardised Deontology.
Worldy Location Mostly UK & Scotland but have lived elsewhere
Epistemology 100% Capital K Knowledge is not possible but that is no reason to abandon the idea of "knowing things". Science is great and philosophy, thinking about the things we know and the inferences we might draw from them, is also great. But with that said the pessimistic induction and the possibility we are still wrong about everything is exciting and something we should celebrate!
Religious/Spiritual Views Atheism and optimistic nihilism. Human existence is meaningless but that's what makes it so fun.
Views on Human Nature Our worst crimes were only possible because of our ability to co-ordinate and work together on, often, misguided goals. Although it is popular to lament the selfishness and stupidity of humans we should never underestimate our capacity for collaboration and selflessness.