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User:Tmil96/sandbox Brendan O'Neill

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Brendan O'Neill is an English Marxist-tuned-wingnut who writes for numerous online newsites.[1][2][3]

LGBT Issues[edit]

He is against gay marriage in Australia, arguing that "it was attended by authoritarianism wherever it's been introduced".[4]

His criticism of a British bill concerning a trans person's ability to alter their official sex veered right into transphobic territory, calling the bill "Orwellian" as well as saying that normal people who, to him, understand reality,truth, biology, and experience, would oppose the bill. In the same article, he claims that the word "transphobia" is "the latest phobia slur designed to pathologise dissent". All while giving reader's a strawman scenario to gawk at. [5]

He has also said that trans people and trans activists need to lighten up, saying "Transsexuals’ histrionic response to every slight only confirms how flimsy their identity is."[6]. In that article, he more or less defended Richard Littlejohn after the latter came under fire for a rather disparaging article he wrote about a tansgender school teacher, who committed suicide after the article's publication. [note 1]

Other Assholery[edit]

He wrote a scathing screed article about Angelina Jolie after she opened up about having a double masectomy in order to greatly reduce her chance's of breast cancer. In the article, O'Neill claims that it's "trendy" to be ill and that Jolie's masectomy is "far from rebellious".[7]

Unsorted refs[edit]

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  1. Whether or not Littlejohn can be held responsible for Lucy Meadows' suicide is up for debate. However, it's reasonable to assume that his article about her played a part in it.