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A growing community:

  • 601,989 unique visitors in just October.
  • Median daily visits at 30,000.
  • New record of 130,000 visits in a single day.

Driven by:

  • A 100 percent increase in direct and bookmark traffic. People tuning into us daily.
  • A substantial increase in our search engine reputation, grabbing number one hits for many of our top articles.
  • Becoming a stand by link for social media: Reddit, Facebook, twitter and many more.

Allowing us to control the narrative:

  • We are the go to source for information on pseudoscience, quack medicine and cranks across the internet
  • We are starting to be sourced by news outlets, for example, Gish Gallop during the US Presidential Debates.
  • RationalWiki is a distribution platform, letting our users create rather than passively receive. Your work here directly effects the global conversation on these issues.

But it comes at a cost:

  • RationalWiki maintains editorial control over controversial content by not using ad servers and advertisers.
  • We are 100 percent reliant on donations of our user base.
  • As more people use us, as we become more important to the conversation, we need more people to help us stay up.
  • We have been hard at work completely redesigning RationalWiki infrastructure to keep this site moving under massively increased loads.
  • We need your help now to keep growing and moving forward.


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