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I received awards for causing commotions among fragile minds by stating the following:

  • Onozomg.gif"Bigotry and contempt are mutually exclusive." A user of the site who is a gay incel (Gaycel?) said something homophobic because he was rejected repeatedly and therefore he was accused of being a bigot. Bigotry is intolerance of others, most particularly it is not a catch-all term for "I dislike x minority group because none of them wants me" as that is diminutive of the actual definition of the term and completely disregards how the incel feels. Thus, I explained politely how I feel about him being called a bigot, then that argument made someone very angry. The opinions he holds are homophobic, but the guy himself is spiteful and envious - he wishes he could be as lucky as other people who met their pair.
  • Onozomg.gif"Assholes should be mocked", as that is apparently ableist to some people. It involves the same discussion as above since the gaycel was also an asshole.
  • Onozomg.gif"Donald Trump is not irredeemable." See, I don't think he is the worst person on Earth. Over all, I would say he sucks since he has actively harmed the LGBT, pretended that extremism didn't exist and attacked immigrants on every fronts, but most of those things were to appeal to his Republican base. Notwithstanding that, he has done a few things everyone liked: For example, trying to resolve global conflicts. However, needless to say he has enacted more dreadful laws than otherwise, but I hate the notion that due to that we must ignore the few times Trump got it right. I see him as nothing more than an incompetent populist and a charismatic fat cat who got lucky in 2016. This is the biggest commotion I caused to date as I made a total of 3 people mad, one of whom wouldn't stop cursing at me. He called me a right-winger (Well actually, he implied it), a Fox news addict, an idiot and a pubescent child rather than try to actually debate or convince me otherwise. 1 of the 2 other people involved at least tried to put up an actual argument.
  • Onozomg.gif"People can't remember 9/11", particularly in the sense that they can't remember what exactly happened that day. That made 3 people mad in anger. The site's local communist implied that I was a "Trump supporter" for stating something that had nothing to do with him.

Fun fact: In all 4 confrontations, the exact same person actually shows up on all of them.

If you want me to stop receiving awards, then prevent me from causing commotions, whether accidental or otherwise.

Here, I'll teach you in simple words since you can't connect your neurons together:

  • Do not engage
  • I do not exist
  • Your time on Earth is limited
Basically an argument I had over death penalty just ended with this from some of the other participants.
When I used the word "useless" someone misrepresented that as if I was speaking about disabled people. This fallacy is very frequent on debate grounds.