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Not to be confused with an Inverse stopped clock moment.
Give Hitler some credit, he did manage to kill Hitler after all.
—Sam Barkley, sadly forgetting to mention that Hitler also killed the guy who killed Hitler[1]

The phrase "stopped clock" (also "broken clock" or "sudden outbreak of common sense"[2]) comes from the proverb "even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day", thus implying that even cranks, denialists, or conspiracy theorists can theoretically be correct once in a while, generally by chance alone, and may indicate that a tiny pocket of healthy rebel braincells have yet to succumb to the dementia that has clearly overtaken their siblings. Recovery, however, is not to be expected, particularly since we're in fact the ones who are crazy.

While some stopped clock moments take the form of a crank simply (to all our surprise) endorsing something normal and mainstream, e.g. anti-littering laws, many other stopped clock moments actually take the form of a crank - for once - lending his or her misdirected effort to the rational side by calling out another crank on their obviously cranky ideas - essentially amounting to the pot calling the kettle black (or at least the kettle calling the pot black). This irony is often lost on them, however, as they clearly consider themselves sane. In yet other cases, it is simply the case of the crank having consistently blamed their bête noire for everything until something stuck. However, since we're not really into ad hominem (just snark), we gladly give them a point for being correct, no matter how dirty their laundry. Even Hitler gets points from us (see list below).

This analogy is one counterpoint to the fallacy fallacy, which is the mistake of assuming that any conclusion derived from fallacious reasoning must be false. To extend the analogy a bit further, a clock stopped at 3:48 will always conclude that the current time is 3:48. Thanks to its faulty premises, though, this conclusion happens to be correct only for a total of two minutes out of any given day, or 1/720 (roughly 0.14%) of the time. Even further, a clock actually running backwards would give the correct time four times a day.

What kind of clock?[edit]

This analogous term refers to an analog clock, with the standard twelve-hour dial face and its own minute hand (unlike a sundial, onto which a minute hand is projected by the sun in the form of a shadow).[note 1]

"Flip digital" clocks, where the numbers are affixed to small plastic cards that "flip" into position when driven by an electrical clock mechanism, can also be considered to display the correct time twice a day. Regardless of if this type of clock is set to 24-hour time or 12-hour time, it would still be right once a day - and thus works universally for the purposes of this analogy.

Clocks with LED or LCD displays that are stopped normally go blank (or start to show 88:88), which makes them useless for this particular analogy, just like sundials or hourglasses are. Regardless, certain masters of the universe point out regularly that none of these supposed clocks could hold a candle to the brilliance of the Time Cube, anyways.

Some examples[edit]

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  • 4chan has a strong distaste for animal cruelty, especially on cats. In some instances, users have even gone beyond banishment of animal abusers, going as far as to dox them and report them to police.[3][4]


  • Adolf Hitler's promotion of anti-smoking research and strong support for animal rights, though the latter was mostly a vehicle for his virulent anti-Semitism.[5] [6]
  • Alex Jones has criticized David Icke's belief that the world is run by blood-drinking shapeshifting alien lizards numerous times, despite being more than willing to believe all sorts of other conspiratorial bunkum.[citation NOT needed] Jones has referred to Icke's theory as "the turd in the punch bowl"[7] - implying that Icke makes plenty of good points and then ruins it all with the crap about space lizards. More credit where it's due: He has also denounced the pseudolegal woo of the Freeman on the land/Sovereign citizen crowd.[8]
  • Al Qaeda, while themselves insanely radical, see Daesh as unnecessarily brutal even for their tastes,[9] on top of not really wanting to share the Salafist sandbox with anyone else, anyway.
  • Ann Coulter believes white people should never use the N word, and went on to say it's different from other racial words. [10]
  • Answers in Genesis, while being vehemently anti-evolution, has articles denouncing some scientific myths, such as the moon landing conspiracy theory, and insists that "Christians should be careful to investigate every claim before jumping to conclusions".[11][12] AiG also supports protecting the environment (although they are very careful to stress that macroevolution has no part in it).[13]
  • Andrew Johnson is today remembered as one of America's worst Presidents due to his inept handling of Reconstruction, which had a major contribution to the lasting legacy of racism in America. However, he had a fairly successful foreign policy, which included improving rocky relations with Great Britain and forcing Napoleon III to withdraw from Mexico without a war[14].
  • The anti-vaccination movement, after over a decade of attributing everything even remotely negative to vaccines, ended up being right about at least one of their (literally thousands of) wild claims - vaccines causing narcolepsy in Scandinavia and the Netherlands[15] (the antigens associated with virus in question, H1N1, appear to cause the narcolepsy),[16] mumps in Suriname (due to improper attenuation),[17] and polio outbreaks in Nigeria (because certain vaccines covered different strains than others).[18] Though, mind you, this was still not because of a secret NWO plot to depopulate the earth via malicious vaccination programs, so this particular turn of events does nothing to support the idea that the anti-vaccination movement at large isn't made up entirely of dangerous ignorance.
  • Antonio Salazar's quasi-fascist regime in Portugal aided many refugees from Nazi-held Europe, including a lot of Jews.[19] A devout Roman Catholic, SalazarWikipedia's W.svg criticised Hitler's racist policies (although he was very keen on preserving Portugal's African empire, even by force.)[20]
  • The Amazing Atheist's videos denouncing misogynists such as Todd Akin, Jefferson Bethke, and video denouncing Paul Broun for his views on evolution.[21]
  • Atheism-is-Unstoppable's strong opposition to Donald Trump[22] and lack of anti-Semitism, at least compared to his feelings on other groups.[23]
  • The Marxist-Leninist Democratic Republic of AfghanistanWikipedia's W.svg, the preceding Republic of AfghanistanWikipedia's W.svg, and the Kingdom of AfghanistanWikipedia's W.svg treated women more equally, and all three governments were secular by Afghan standards (as well as today's standards).[24] Even today's Afghanistan has notable secular groups where gender equality is favored. [25]


  • Bismarck'sWikipedia's W.svg early version of Universal Health Care for Germans - though his publicly stated reason for doing so was keeping people from voting socialist.
  • In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI approved the use of condoms in some circumstances.[26]
  • Hugo Black's support of a 30 hour work week.[27]
  • Bashar al-Assad for a higher degree of women's rights in Syria compared to other middle eastern nations[28], as well as recognizing the Armenian Genocide[29] The Syrian Christians have also voiced their support for Assad because he and his father protected and continue to protect the Christian community in Syria.[30] Also finally made Syria stable for the first time since the end of World War II.
  • Barry Goldwater, the anti-government ideologue and godfather of the modern conservative movement, loathed the Religious Right, supported LGBT rights towards the end of his life[31], was pro-choice, a staunch environmentalist,[32] and firmly opposed the very concept of money in politics. Later in his life, he was so ashamed of his party and the conservative movement that he practically decoupled himself from the Republican Party.
  • Ben Shapiro quitting his position as editor-at-large for when the site failed to defend their own reporter, Michelle Fields, after she was assaulted by Donald Trump's campaign manager. He called "Trump's Pravda".[33]
  • Ben Stein's pronouncement that Donald Trump is hideously misinformed when it comes to economic policy, his criticism of cutting taxes as a means of lowering the national debt, among other things.[34]
  • Benito Mussolini's opposition to racism and anti-Semitism for the first decade of his rule.[35] However, the claim that he made the trains run on time is a myth[36][37][38]
  • Bill O'Reilly giving a huge smackdown to various pushers of 9-11 conspiracy theories.[39] Billo the Clown is also against the death penalty, for gay civil unions and adoption and acknowledges climate change as real.[40]
  • The British Fascisti, the first British fascist organisation, was quite strongly feminist: it had many women in positions of authority and supported universal suffrage for both sexes.[41]


  • The Catholic Church opposes the Death Penalty[42], making their "pro-life" rhetoric at least slightly less inconsistent and hypocritical than that of others.
  • Charles I of England was an incompetent buffoon who presided over military follies abroad, taxed soap, ruled without parliament, illegally seized property, and chopped down forests, before inciting rebellions in Scotland and Ireland and a civil war in England, that ended with his execution at the hands of people who started out as staunch monarchists, but he disputed bitterly with the Puritans because he wanted to allow dancing on Sundays and holy days.[43] He also did not start an actual War on Christmas like his Puritan opponents did.
  • China's ambitious plans for renewable energy and high speed rail networks. Granted, short of completely dismantling the fossil fuel industry, nothing they ever do will be adequate enough in reducing greenhouse emissions worldwide.[44]
  • The CIA's covert support of pro-democracy movements, such as the Polish trade union Solidarity, in the former Eastern Bloc, which eventually led to the fall of communism.[45]
  • Colonialism for building some infrastructure in Africa and India - sure it was mostly to extract resources and move armies, but some of those roads, canals, and rail lines still serve their countries well.[46]
  • The Communist Party USA was an early advocate for civil rights for blacks, most notably on the issue of lynching.[47] It denounced U.S involvement in several wars, those in Vietnam and Iraq for example.[48]
  • The Confederacy's support for several Native American groups[49], though this was mostly to get support against the Union from said natives. Arguably, depending on POV, their non-slavery based reforms of a six-year Presidency and a Line Item Veto may or may not count.[50]
  • Conservapedia's article on the Westboro Baptist Church is highly critical of said Church, arguing that "true Christians" follow God's example and "love the sinner."[51]
  • The Conservative Party of Canada's generally principled stand on apartheid.[52]
  • The Constitution Party opposing the Iraq War.[53]
  • Christian conservatives tend to set up charities, although they often make a point to not donate to LGBT people.[54] They were also the ones that backed up female suffrage back in a time where women were unable to vote, despite opposition from secular humanists from all stripes. Admittedly, this was less because they wanted to empower women and more due to the then-widespread belief that women were more religiously devoted than men, and would turn the vote in their favor. [note 2]
  • Christina Hoff Sommers supported individualism and free speech, and was a staunch abortion rights activist when she was younger. She was also was one of a handful who stood up for Michelle Fields, the Breitbart writer who was manhandled by a Trump staffer at a campaign event.[55]
  • Christian Scientists, despite extremely harmful beliefs regarding faith healing, also set up Christian Science Monitor. Their journalism has won seven Pulitzer Prizes. [56]
  • The Comics Code Authority (CCA), in between its ridiculous rules that censored comic books into self-parody in the '50s and '60s, also forbade running ads for quack medicine, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, fireworks, and sex-related or gambling-related items and services, long before the rest of society got on board with the concept that maybe it wasn't a good idea to advertise Lucky Strikes directly to children.[57] Their rules that female characters must be drawn "realistically without exaggeration of any 'physical qualities'" may or may not count as a stopped clock moment, depending entirely on what one personally feels about how women are drawn in modern comics and artistic freedom/license.
  • Speaking of the CCA, Fredric Wertham, the author of Seduction of the Innocent (what instigated it), investigated the effects of school racial segregation on children. This research was used in Brown v. Board of Education, where he testified on behalf of the NAACP. He also opened his own practice on the New York neighbourhood of Harlem, providing mental health care for underprivileged African Americans.[58] His interest in comics was not wholly negative, having written one the first studies on the fanzine community (which was positive).[59]
  • In 2013 the Church of England allowed gay men in civil partnerships to become bishops.[60]
  • In 2016, veritable circus director of the climate change denialist movement Christopher Monckton called out David Icke, (rather hypocritically but nonetheless correctly) referring to Icke's views as "so far from common sense and rationality that really, in the old days he'd be locked up as a lunatic".[61]


  • DAESH allowed for Muslim immigrants to become naturalized citizens. They even went as far as to issue Caliphate passports to newly arrived immigrants.[62] This makes it the twelfth Muslim majority country country where Muslim immigrants are offered a formal path to become a naturalized citizen, the only other 11 being Turkey, Malaysia, Oman, Indonesia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Kazakhstan, Somalia, and Uzbekistan. In all other Muslim countries immigrants can never become natural citizens and a child born there can only be considered a citizen if it was also the offspring of someone who already had that nationality, which is problematic for anyone who is Palestinian.
  • Dick Cheney's support for same-sex marriage, if only because his daughter is a lesbian. He also repudiated Donald Trump's comments about refusing entry for Muslim refugees in the United States, saying that religious freedom is "a very important part of our history".[63]
  • David Duke's support for Occupy Wall Street, although he predictably claimed that the Jews were the 1%. [64]
  • David DeWitt's research on Alzheimers Disease pathology.
  • David Icke has been highly critical of the U.S. Religious Right in general, especially the Tea Party.[65]
  • Ruthless Filipino president Rodrigo DuterteWikipedia's W.svg, has pushed towards free birth control in the predominantly Catholic country.[66] He also supports women's rights and gay marriage (despite using pejorative terms to refer to both groups).[67]
  • David Cameron for passing same-sex marriage for 97% of British citizens. The Unionists keep blocking it in Northern Ireland, albeit his successor Theresa May has promised to push it there.[68]
  • Debbie Schlussel called out Walid Shoebat for being a fraud.[69] Also, Bonni Intall and Bare Naked Islam's Islamophobia was too much even for her.[70]
  • The Directorate's abolition of slavery during the Reign of TerrorWikipedia's W.svg, a phase of the French RevolutionWikipedia's W.svg. Also for ending the Terror and being (relatively) light in its own terror measures.
  • Donald Trump for communicating a desire to get Karl Rove off of Fox[71] (though the jury is still out on whether he's just mad that Rove endorsed Jeb Bush). Also said that the Iraq War was a "big mistake" and based on a lie by the Bush administration[72]. Also defended Planned Parenthood for the help it provides for women with cervical and breast cancer (even though he threatened to defund it for so long as it provided abortions)[73] He's also been lukewarm at worst on LGBT issues (for a Republican, that is), even saying that trans individuals should "use the bathroom they feel is appropriate," [74] (though he also issued an executive order rescinding Obama's recommendation that schools allow students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as [75]) and referred to Chelsea Manning by her female name.[76] He also called out the Republicans for cutting the Office of Congressional Ethics.[77] On the bureaucracy front, he dropped a requirement that federal government agencies report on their Y2K preparedness 17 years after it came and proved to be a bit pile of nothing.[78] There is also a tape of him saying something decent on almost any issue he has subsequently said something horrible. Trump also believes that Scientology should not have a tax-exempt status. [79] Shortly after becoming President, Donald Trump signed an executive order withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, something he promised. However, this action is merely symbolic as the deal has not yet been ratified by Congress.[80] Also openly backed the Iranian anti-theocracy protests.[81]



  • Fidel Castro's opposition to apartheid in which he aided Angola when they were being invaded by South Africa[87], not to mention the fact that Cuba's universal healthcare plan has been lauded by the UN's World Health Organization (WHO).[88] In addition, he had also apologized and taken full responsibility for the persecution of homosexuals in Cuba, calling it a "great injustice"[89]
  • Pim FortuynWikipedia's W.svg was very Islamophobic especially for his time/period, declaring at one point in August 2001 even that there should be a Cold War fought against Islamic countries, and had at one point even infamously declared that freedom of speech is such a bad thing that he made an entire political party just to oppose it. He was however gay and remained homophilic throughout most of his lifetime and did a lot to advance LGBT rights in the country and is one of the many reasons why The Netherlands adopted gay marriage so early as it did.
  • Fox News will actually offer apologies - on occasion - after fucking up.[90] Much thanks to Shepard Smith, Fox's "voice of reason" straight-man, who is usually the guy who keeps it relatively real and denounces Fox's most ludicrous elements.
  • Francisco Franco did not officially enter World War II on the Axis side, but he had volunteer regiments fight the RussiansWikipedia's W.svg. Franco had just won the Spanish Civil War and had little military capacity to aid Hitler with. He also granted asylum to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany.
  • Fred Phelps, of Westboro Baptist Church infamy, was actually an ally and supporter (through pro bono legal assistance) of the 1960s Civil Rights movement. Needless to say, he subsequently became nuttier than a PayDay bar.[91] Following a power struggle between a board of male elders and Shirley Phelps-Roper, Fred Phelps called for "kinder treatment of fellow church members". He also expressed his support for Equality House, a group promoting LGBT equality, and, according to his grandson, he had a change of heart and perhaps even abandoned his homophobia.[92][93][note 3]
  • The Freedom Caucus for opposing Donald Trump on health care reform, albeit they believe that Trump was too liberal for not repealing it. [94]


  • Gary North mocking the concept of "Cultural Marxism" as being a bogeyman among the political right, while even making a good case that it's not actually Marxist.[95] He also criticized the United States as a Christian nation idea.[96]
  • Glenn Beck now agreeing with liberals about Iraq, and defending a boy who got bullied for being a brony.[97] He has also consistently opposed Trump's campaign for the White House (if for typically Beck-esque reasons). [98]
  • George H. W. Bush openly opposed Reaganomics, even calling it "voodoo economics", and decided against overthrowing Iraq in the Gulf War. Also his revoking of lifetime membership from the NRA counts as this[99].
  • George W. Bush supported immigration reform and gave funding to AIDS research in Haiti and Africa.[100] Also signed into law Medicare Part D. Has also been active in charitable work after leaving office.
  • What was the issue that finally caused Geert Wilders to withdraw his support for the right-wing coalition that was in power in the Netherlands? He and his party refused to support austerity measures being put into place by the (usually) more reasonable moderate right party.[101] His party also voted to interdict the practice of refusing marriage to LGBT couples for religious reasons and that measure wouldn't be in place had he not voted with the left for the referendum. [102] He has also called out France's Jean-Marie Le Pen and Austrian politician Jörg HaiderWikipedia's W.svg, comparing them to Mussolini and denouncing them as being "rightist fascists".[103]
  • George Wallace apologized later in life for his racial views and backed the New Deal. [104] It's very likely his segregationist antics were an act, but that does not make them better.
  • Gretchen Carlson shared her opinion on common sense gun laws in the wake of the 2016 Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre, completely off-script.[105]. Her advocation against sexual harassment counts as this as well[citation needed].
  • Grigori Rasputin's magical cure for hemophilia? He instructed the emperor and empress to discontinue all medical treatment being received by the Tsarevich. This included aspirin, a drug which definitely does not help hemophilia (it can cause minor stomach bleeding, and in cases of hemophilia, there's no such thing as "minor bleeding"). It's unlikely that Rasputin knew that aspirin was worsening the condition, yet his advice probably prolonged Alexei's life.[106] Didn't do him much good in the long run, as hemophilia isn't really a factor when the bleeding is caused by multiple gunshot wounds.
  • Golden Dawn is environmentalist, as evidenced by their green wing, which is actively taking part in firefighting, reforestation and private investigation of animal abuse. They also oppose the Hard green idea that humans are equal to any being on this earth. It should be noted though that their reason to defend the environment, which amounts to defending the diversity of the different Races on earth, is only slightly better than the idea they claim to oppose. They also tend to stereotype all environmentalists that don't follow their mentality as leftists and hippies, which is exactly the same reasoning done by people in the Anti-environmentalist crowd.[107]


  • Even nutcases like Harun Yahya can sometimes be right. In the aftermath of 9/11 he wrote a book called Islam is Not Terrorism.
  • Hamas's support of a unity government with their main Palestinian political opposition, Fatah,[108] and funding of social programs and public works within Gaza.[109]
  • Hans JanmaatWikipedia's W.svg served as a precursor to far-right politics in the Netherlands, but he opposed racism and fascism (at least in theory) [110] and had an environmentalist policy where he wanted to stop the increasing trend of destroying natural habitat in favor of buildings. [111]
  • Hezbollah has organized a range of social service programmes including hospitals, news services, and educational institutions which cost hundreds of millions of dollars per year.[112] It also runs a so-called "Martyr's Institute" which provides basic living expenses to the families of fallen fighters (however, this includes suicide bombers, which motivates more people to kill for them).[113] They have also recently accepted Christian and Sunni Muslim recruits to fight the common enemy of Da'ish (whom, like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Hezbollah is also against).[114]
  • Rebekah Horton, co-founder and leader of Pensacola Christian College, a Florida-based fundie school, testified against Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind, explaining the Bible does not condone tax evasion. Hovind was accused of evading $473,818 in federal income, Social Security and Medicare employee taxes at his Creation Science Evangelism Ministry, which includes Dinosaur Adventure Land, a creationist theme park.[115]
  • Hugh HefnerWikipedia's W.svg, despite his horribly obvious sexism was against segregation, supported gay rights as early as the mid 1950s, and was pro-choice long before Roe v. Wade.[116]
  • Mike Huckabee is a huge advocate for public school arts education, both when he was Arkansas governor and since leaving office.[117] He also made a plea for preserving the National Endowment for the Arts after Donald Trump threatened to defund it.[118]
  • Saddam Hussein for creating policies on universal healthcare and education in Iraq. He also took to combat illiteracy (in addition to the other groups he took to combat) and, like Bashar al-Assad, he also was a vocal proponent of women's rights in school, and work.[119]


  • ICOR opposes the Belarussian regime.[120]
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the few nations to cover transgender reassignment surgery in their national health care plan (though it is also implemented for homophobic reasons so as to "give" homosexuals the "choice" of castration or imprisonment / death).[121] Also gets credit for having a relatively complex science infrastructure despite sanctions,[122] and the government does seem to be compliant with the terms of the IAEA despite what most media pundits will tell you...[123] Also great is that they accept that video games as a legitimate art form despite looking at it from a very religious lens. [124] [note 4] Some would view their program for paid kidney donation as an example as well, given it has eliminated the waiting list for those needing transplant, but others may disagree.[125] Iran has also tried protecting cheetahs, but their numbers have dwindled for reasons unrelated to Shia Islam or Ayatollahs. [126]
  • The reason Indira Gandhi is still revered by some Indians and many Bengalis is due to the successful liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan, in which the latter was committing genocide against Bengalis.[127]


  • Jean-Marie Le Pen was the very first French politician to promote an open Muslim Frenchman, Ahmed Djabbour, to a major deputy, although he predictably used this fact "to prove that he wasn't racist". At least it shows that he is much more inclusive than those in the Rally for the RepublicWikipedia's W.svg. He has also privately expressed that he celebrates for Obama's ascension to presidency (even if he would have celebrated John McCain as much if it was him who would become the president).[128]
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion, as he himself was implicated in the investigation.
  • Jonah Goldberg was one of the first to call bullshit on the gross lack of journalistic integrity that went into producing A Rape on CampusWikipedia's W.svg.[129] He has also taken a hard stand against Donald Trump supporters within the Republican party.[130]
  • Hard-right blogger John Hawkins exposing several right-wing mail order scams.[131]
  • John HowardWikipedia's W.svg forcing through strong gun control in the face of his own wingnut base.
  • Imperial Japan attempting to introduce a racial equality bill in the League of Nations and harboring Jewish Holocaust refugees during World War II.[132][133]
  • John RabeWikipedia's W.svg, the city's ranking Nazi representative, establishing a neutral zone to protect civilians during the Rape of Nanjing.
  • Jim Jones's outspoken support for civil and human rights, pacifism, and efforts to relieve poverty.[134]
  • John Stossel debunking both New Age woo and "supernatural" claims.[135]
  • In 1952, the Jehovah's Witnesses stopped teaching that vaccines are immoral.[136] They have also been at the forefront of legal battles for free speech, freedom of religion, and the separation of church and state, although their free speech activism is, like that of Neo-Nazis, motivated by their support for misogynist and homophobic hate.[137] More than half of German Jehovah's Witnesses were imprisoned and thousands died because they refused to declare allegiance to the Nazi Party.[138]
  • The Justice And Development PartyWikipedia's W.svg, known for having relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Nationalist Movement PartyWikipedia's W.svg, which are known for hardcore Turkish nationalism, agreed to provide constitutional protection against discrimination of LGBT individuals. [139] Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood itself may be listed here in the near future.


  • Meir Kahane was a proponent of civil rights.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm IIWikipedia's W.svg improving protections for German workers.[140]
  • Karl Marx's support for feminism.[141] His advocacy for Abraham Lincoln in the civil war, his brilliant tearing down of the buffoon Napoleon III,Wikipedia's W.svg which brought us the quote "first as tragedy, then as farce", and he wore a cool beard.
  • Katie Pavlich (and other internet wingnuts, such as Paul Joseph Watson) correctly mocked moonbats who lavished praise on Fidel Castro after his death and pretended he wasn't an authoritarian dictator, albeit this was most likely because it was easy points to score against the nuttier leftists.[142]
  • Kent Hovind for rejecting geocentrism and flat earthers. [143] Small favors, right?
  • Ayatollah Khomeini for his fatwas which legalized transgender reassignment surgery[144] as well as banning the proliferation of chemical and nuclear weapons [145]. He also tried to establish good relations between the Sunni Muslims and the Shia Muslims.[146] Finally, during the first years of his rule, he issued a fatwa ordering that Jews and other minorities (except Bahá'ís) be treated well.[147] [148]And then changed his mind...[149]
  • Ayatollah Khamenei (different ayatollah, note the spelling) for re-affirming Khomeini's ban on chemical and nuclear weapons.[150] He also criticized America's police brutality and racial profiling against minorities[151] (though this is most likely whataboutism considering Iran's notoriety...)
  • King George III for allowing Parliament to ban the slave trade, albeit he had little power (and had gone mad) by the time it happened.[152]
  • The KKK for being anti-communist and protesting against the Westboro Baptist Church, which even they see as too extreme.[153]
  • The Kardashians for bringing awareness to the Armenian Genocide.[154]


  • Wingnut pundit Laura Ingraham denouncing Louis Farrakhan's extreme homophobia. Note that Ingraham isn't exactly the image of humanity when it comes to homosexuals, and she seems to only be keen on denouncing black Muslim (albeit a particularly crazy form of Islam intertwined with some bizarre black supremacist nonsense) homophobes. Those same denunciations don't appear to extend to good, white Christian homophobes like Tony Perkins or Mike Huckabee. She also seemed to tone down her homophobia and anti-gay rhetoric after her brother (who is gay) contracted the AIDS virus...[155]
  • Lauren Southern called Laura Loomer out on her insane Islamophobia: "I don't like Islam — but I'm not going to pretend two girls walking in the street is them "loving" a terrorist attack. That's insane."[156]
  • Larry Craig supporting immigration reform.[157]
  • This list (in a self-referential example), while following no logical alphabetical order, sometimes gets it right by mistake or by virtue of someone having the same first and last name.
  • Little Green Footballs' excellent, piece-by-piece debunking of Pamela Geller's "270 million victims of Islam" myth.[158] Not to forget their opposition to Donald Trump.
  • Louis Farrakhan is a good violinist, and as an olive branch to try to make up for his anti-semitic statements, he staged a performance of the Violin Concerto by Jewish composer Felix Mendelssohn.[159]
  • Louise Mensch as well as being a former Tory MP and right-wing rent-a-gob on her website Heat Street, as also been investagating links between the Trump Campaign/Alt-Right and Russia. [160]


  • Heather Mac Donald, in her master race to reach the führtest to the establishment right ever, at least pursues free speech (when it suits her).[161]
  • Henry Makow criticized Scottie Spencer's Holocaust denial[162].
  • Malcolm X was rather virulently in support of "eye for an eye", providing a perfect foil for MLK's pacifism. While he was quite inflammatory for much of his public life, after visiting Mecca he renounced the crackpot Nation of Islam in favor of mainstream Sunni Islam[163] and seemed to move more towards civil disobedience later in life through the Organization of Afro-American UnityWikipedia's W.svg.
  • Mao Zedong, had proletarian feminist views ("Women hold half the sky" is one of his famous quotations, though he certainly didn't carry this credo into his personal life)[164] and for unifying China after winning the Chinese Civil War, forming it into a cohesive entity for the first time in decades, albeit in a high cost of lives. He also outlawed forced marriage; at age 14, he was forced to marry Luo Yixiu, an 18-year-old (other sources say 20, or 17) girl.[165][166]
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to his credit, did create growth for Iran's economy and shrank the unemployment rate. [167] He also attempted to make housing in Iran more affordable.[168]
  • Marco Rubio condemned the conspiracy theorists who claimed that the Florida school shooting in February 2018 were simply performance actors. He tweeted the following: "Claiming some of the students on tv after #Parkland are actors is the work of a disgusting group of idiots with no sense of decency."[169]
  • John McCain gets some kudos for defending Barack Obama from the baseless allegations of the birther movement.[170] He also appears to be against the Tea Party,[171] and spoke out against the swiftboating of John Kerry.[172] He is also more than willing to collaborate with the opposite party and despises partisan politics, having drafted legislation with far left (for the Democrats) Senator Russ FeingoldWikipedia's W.svg and Barack ☭HUSSEIN☭ ObamaWikipedia's W.svg. He is vehemently against Citizen's United, and against torture (having been on the receiving end of it).
  • Megyn Kelly has been critical of anti-vaxxers [173] and the sexism of her Fox News colleagues Mike Huckabee and Erick Erickson.[174]
  • Michael Medved vocally denouncing both Birtherism[175] and the GOP for the fiscal cliff crisis.[176]
  • Mike Cernovich criticized Jeff Sessions for his war on drugs and civil foreiture.[177] He also supports a single-payer universal healthcare system and universal basic income.[178]
  • Vice President Mike Pence has been surprisingly critical of some of Donald Trump's policies, especially regarding Russia.[179]
  • Mississippi has a high vaccination rate,[180] and produces many of America's best-known singers and musicians.
  • Mitt Romney, for passing Romneycare and allowing gay marriage as governor. He was also, originally, pro-choice. He also is, within the Republican party, easily the biggest opponent of Donald Trump, to the point of being called out by Trump himself for his opposition.[181]
  • Michael Savage denouncing creationism, correctly asserting that "belief" does not change the facts of evolution.[182]
  • MRAs often support free internet access, albeit their overall motives are generally poor.
  • Muammar Gaddafi was a vocal opponent of apartheid in South Africa,[183] and he supported universal healthcare and education in Libya.[184] Also, he created "The Great Man-Made River," an irrigation project which transported water from aquifers to Libyan cities and villages to provide fresh water for Libyans and boost agriculture.[185]
  • Margaret Thatcher not privatising the National Health Service, voting to decriminalize homosexuality (although she did introduce the homophobic Section 28Wikipedia's W.svg) and acknowledging the threat of climate change in 1990, making her the first leader of a major country to do so. She was also a liberal, progressive education secretary supporting nursery schools and a raised school leaving age.[186]
  • Marsha West is best-known as the Jesus freak RenewAmerica columnist who denounced yoga as "mystical" and "evil". However, West has also been quite vocal in her criticism of Christian Dominionism, seeing it as too extreme even for her.[187]
  • The Mormons began allowing black men to hold the Priesthood (essentially meaning they were able to give blessings to people) in 1978,[188] though it did so under pressure from the government.



  • Oliver CromwellWikipedia's W.svg, for letting Jews into England again.[202] He also tried his damndest to give England some sort of written parliamentary constitution, but all attempts to do so blew up in his face and his incompetent son could not hold on to the system his father thrived under.[203]
  • Omar Torrijos, dictator of Panama from 1968-1981, for signing the Panama Canal Treaty with Carter.[204] Which, to be fair, was easy given that he gained something for very little in return
  • Osama Bin Laden was an environmentalist who unsurprisingly condemned the United States for contributing to environmental damage. However, that does not change the fact he was a terrorist,[205] and blowing things up emits greenhouse gases.


  • PETA supports LGBT rights and saved a gay man in India from an arranged marriage.[206] Humans are animals, too.
  • Marine Le Pen, for removing the more racist, anti-semitic elements from the French National Front party, and being a LOT less bigoted than her father (though, that doesn't say much, we appreciate the effort).[207] She has also been more liberal on matters such as abortion and gay rights.[208] The latter is especially notable because her right-wing political opponent, the "brave and moderate republican" François Fillon, is a homophobe. [209] Her plans on health care also have serious recognition.
  • Despite being the de facto founder of far-right politics in Brazil, Plínio SalgadoWikipedia's W.svg didn't support antisemitism.
  • Vladimir Putin's policies on economic growth in Russia early in his administration, especially after the collapse of the Russian economy during the 1990's.[210] He has also not appeared to be especially anti-Semitic and has also warned the U.S. on intervening in the Middle East.[211]
  • Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran (and brutal autocrat) from 1941 to 1979, was quite progressive on many issues, especially for the Middle East. For example, achieving greater women's rights in Iran. (he gave women the right to vote in 1963; women can still vote in Iran to this day), as well as being seen as more "benevolent" than his neighbors, and the people who succeeded him.[212]
  • Pat Robertson has been very critical of Ken Ham and Young Earth Creationism in general,[213] and believes marijuana should be legal.
  • Petr Beckmann was a believer in crank ideas about physics and engineering.[214] However, despite this, he held no tolerance for those who tried to square the circle, and wrote a whole book about the foolishness of the idea.
  • Prager University getting it surprisingly right on the American Civil War.


  • Rachel Dolezal, despite her obviously false claims of being black, has actually fought on the right side of legitimate issues.[215] She is also pro LGBT and identifies as bisexual.[216]
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for removing the Gülen Movement from Turkey.
  • The Reformed Political Party, generally a fundamentalist Christian group of wingnuts in the Dutch parliament, for absolutely destroying the Party for Freedom's proposal that was supposed to regulate the looks of Zwarte Piet by law.[217]
  • Richard Nixon ending the Bretton Woods system,[218] passing the EPA act,[219] and passing OSHA.[220]
  • Richard Spencer is a critic of Brexit and Euroscepticism, and supports the freedom of movement between EU countries (referring to the Schengen AreaWikipedia's W.svg). He also opposes individual ethnic and cultural nationalisms within Europe in favor of a "pan-European" identity (albeit only for whites).[221][222]
  • The reason Ron Paul initially attracted so many young people is because he wanted to decriminalize drugs and has been consistent in criticizing gunboat diplomacy. Ron Paul giving a speech is like a roller coaster of emotion. "The war on drugs is a sham!" Holy shit! This guy gets it! "Dismantle the Department of Education!" YEA—! ...wait, what the fuck?
  • Riposte Laïque strongly opposes anti-Semitism.[223][note 5]
  • Republicans have voted very often against war when a Democrat is in office, although this may also be an instance of garbage in garbage out, given that it's ultimately derived from political point-scoring. A few Republicans, including Ted Cruz, oppose the idea for the Iraq War in hindsight. [224] 61% of all Young Republicans also favor same-sex marriage, giving one hope that they may become laxer about LGBT issues as time goes on. [225]
  • Far-left crank website RevLeft produced a wonderful post debunking the white nationalist mantra "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white".[226]
  • Roger Stone believes in legalizing marijuana.[227]
  • Ronald Reagan was for gun control as Governor of California (albeit, in gun control, only to deal with the militant wing of the Black Panthers).[228] He also established the California Air Resources BoardWikipedia's W.svg as governor, passed health care reform which helped the poor and impoverished with federal aid money and health benefits,[229] formally apologized for the internment camps in World War II,[230] raised taxes eleven times after initially cutting taxes,[231] and improved immigration laws as President.[232] Reagan also signed Martin Luther King, Jr. DayWikipedia's W.svg (or "Hate Whitey Day", according to Ron Paul, who voted against the holiday) into law in 1983, and it was observed three years later. Reagan also paved the way for no fault divorceWikipedia's W.svg by making it the law of the land in California. His policy on agriculture, where the product was judged instead of the way it was produced, was also way ahead of its time.
  • Rafael Trujillo let Jewish refugees into the Dominican Republic during the 1930's, albeit mostly because they were "white" and not out of the kindness of his heart.[233]
  • Rand Paul for opposing the War on drugs.
  • Internet troll and pseudoscience aficionado Rome Viharo, for at least openly slamming Trump on his Twitter.[234]
  • Despite not being able to name three government agencies, having a tendency to use Schlafly statistics and earnestly comparing being gay to alcoholism, even Rick Perry believes weed should be decriminalized.[235] He also had a moderate stance on immigration early on and briefly defended HPV vaccines (although he had financial ties to Merck who made a vaccine).[236]
  • Maximilien de RobespierreWikipedia's W.svg was a staunch abolitionist and (initially) an opponent of the death penalty (the execution of Louis XVI which he supported on the basis of "same justice for all" seems to have swayed his mind) he was also an arguably competent if ruthless political and military leader that saved revolutionary France from a collapse he had not caused (he was opposed to war with Austria during his early career). He also fully lived up to his nickname "the Incorruptible" in an era of rampant political graft and bribery having a net worth of roughly one hundred pound upon his death despite having been de facto dictator of France for a year. His political party (the Montagnards) also was one of the first, if not outright the first, political party to have a black man, in this case Jean-Baptiste BelleyWikipedia's W.svg, as a major deputy.
  • Roosh V's website does occasionally devote some space to environmental concerns, calling an environmental collapse "the most devastating scenario short of total nuclear annihilation."[237] (*cue vomiting at the thought of agreeing with such a despicable human*) They also correctly predicted that Donald Trump would be elected President (although they thought it was a good thing).[238] They're also technically not "wrong" when they argue Americans need to eat healthier and exercise more, but they usually express this in the form of fat-shaming.[239]
  • Well-known fraud[240] and Islamophobe Robert Spencer (who called Insanity in person Wafa Sultan a "heroine"[241][242]) called out Walid and Theodore Shoebat on their unreliability and dishonesty.[243]Also, he's not as bigoted as his friend Pamela Geller, recognizing good points in Islam.[244][245]


  • Santa Anna (arguably the most incompetent dictator/president/general Mexico ever had) opposed slavery, which is especially notable when it takes into account that Texas seceded and fought to defend slavery, twice. Texas, of course, joined the Confederate States of America.[246]
  • Sargon of Akkad does support some genuinely liberal / leftist positions. He is pro-gay marriage,[247] supports legalising marijuana (and decriminalising drug use),[248][249] opposes the death penalty,[249] is pro-choice[249] and he doesn't like Fox News.[250][note 6] He also made two videos eviscerating the British Conservative Party shortly after the 2015 United Kingdom general election.[251][252] Finally, he (allegedly) abandoned his 9/11 truther views.[253]
  • Scott Walker signed into law a ban on "revenge porn" as Governor of Wisconsin.[254]
  • Shakers for being pacifists, letting women preach and for relative racial equality by 19th century standards.[255]
  • Shermon Burgess aka The Great Aussie Patriot, long before his wingnut persona took hold, was active on atheist forums and openly criticized the Bible claiming it was bullshit. He also regarded Christian homophobia as hypocritical and argued that Jesus was most likely gay.[citation needed] He also supports increasing drought assistance to struggling drought-affected farmers - though his opposition to Halal certification negates this considering farmers and food producers rely on halal certification to be able to sell into Muslim majority markets, such as Indonesia.
  • Theodore Shoebat opposes the Church of Scientology, albeit rather for theological reasons than rational ones.[256][257] He also pointed out correctly than some Jews helped the Nazis.[258][259]
  • Smoloko News is not exactly what you would call fond of Harvey Weinstein. But then again, he's a Jew, so...[260]
  • The Southern Baptist Convention for apologizing for slavery and segregation.[261]
  • The Evil Empire Soviet Union fiercely opposed apartheid from the 1960s onward, had universal health care (resulting in a higher life expectancy than the United States until the 1970's[262]), had a cheap and efficient space program which resulted in the first man in space and the successful launch of Sputnik. Today, both Europe and the U.S. depend on Russia for sending and retrieving astronauts to and from space and the Soyuz space, which made its debut in 1967, capsule remains in service.[263] It was also the first country to legalize abortion, albeit only temporarily[264], and had an education system which — aside from indoctrinating the students — at least managed to produce a very high literacy rate among them. Indeed, Soviet mathematics, science, and engineering are forces to be reckoned with. (Look up, for example, Lev LandauWikipedia's W.svg.) Many of their few positive traits were replicated in Eastern Bloc countries, especially East Germany which was prosperous and oddly a bit socially liberal (both by Communist standards of course).
  • Sean Hannity calling the Westboro Baptist Church "religious nut(s)".[265] and encouraging the Catholic Church to tone down their opposition to birth control.[266]
  • Saudi Arabia has as of 1976 a decree that enforces that oil by-products have to be made into chemicals. [267] On 12 December 2015 it also organized elections where women could vote (albeit mainly because other people are doing it). [268] In addition to that it also managed to have a 51 on the corruption perceptions index [269], being only outclassed by Israel, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates in the Arab world. To give a good degree of comparison, Italy has a score of 44 and France has a score of 70. Also gets credit for advanced infrastructure.[270] It also spends a lot of money on humanitarian aid (about 5,7 billion dollars total)[271], which amounts to the same amount as the one given by Belgium [272] and Italy [273] combined. While that doesn't make them the most humanitarian country in the world (Sweden spends 6,4 billion dollars on humanitarian aid [274]) it does still mean that they are a major bastion when it comes to humanitarian aid.
  • Stefan Molyneux is a critic of religion.[275] He also supports gay marriage.[276]
  • Steve Bannon wants an upper-income bracket tax rate of 44%, apparently. [277]
  • SyrianGirlPartisan, despite being a supporter of Bashar al-Assad, admits his government has corruption and problems.[278]


  • The Taliban criminalizing the practice of Baacha Bazi (having male child sex slaves) in Afghanistan,[279] albeit really due to homophobic reasons rather than humanitarian ones. Like Al Qaeda, they see Daesh as an enemy.[280]
  • Ted Cruz, for all his faults, does see the benefits and scientific rigor behind GMO foods, and has called the campaign against them "anti-science zealotry."[281] Cruz has also led a bi-partisan effort to return art stolen by Nazis during the Holocaust to its rightful owners.[282] He made the gutsy move of refusing to endorse Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention;[283] however, he later flipped and endorsed. [284]
  • Theresa May is an avid supporter of gay and trans rights and is currently working to make legally changing your gender easier.[285] Although this is mostly undercut by her confidence and supply deal with the rabidly anti-gay DUP.[286]
  • Tomás de Torquemada, known as the brain behind the Spanish Inquisition, demanded evidence of misdemeanor before a conviction held place. Granted, what was considered evidence was almost arbitrarily decided (e.g. The crime of being a crypto-Jew was identified as the abscence of chimney-smoke on Saturdays, the buying of vegetables on passover and the purchase of meat from a converted butcher) and he employed interrogation techniques that would be considered inhumane and impractical today, but it pretty much meant that those held by the Inquisition were innocent until proven guilty, something which has become today a human right on its own.
  • Tony Abbott introducing a cap on healthcare costs as Health Minister[287] and opposing Howard's anti-worker rights Work Choices bill, both before he became Prime Minister. He also has taken a stand against anti-vaxxers.[288]
  • Thunderf00t's early videos on creationism and the Iraq war, which are generally well-crafted and accessible takedowns of right-wing woo tactics (though, like South Park's episode on professional wrestling, these videos were criticized for going after an easy target). More recently he has caught flak from all the right circles for his opposition to Brexit.
  • The Tokugawa shogunateWikipedia's W.svg for allowing trade with the Dutch (but only after expelling the Portuguese) and for presiding over many of Japan's greatest literary works.[citation needed]
  • A "traditionalist" group that does not recognize Vatican II excommunicated a British bishop who denied the Holocaust, albeit for reasons of not being subordinate. [289]
  • Trans-exclusionary radical feminists, or TERFs, in general support bodily autonomy (though sadly not for trans people) and campaign against sexual assault and human trafficking.
  • Turkey's decriminalization of homosexuality[290] and recognition of Israel.[291]
  • TruthNeverSleeps is usually a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but came out against Trump after Trump tweeted he wanted to make flag-burning a punishable crime.[292]


  • United Patriots Front support taxation reform and wealth redistribution and favour taxing big corporations adequately rather than the working class. They also oppose subsidising big energy, mining and banking, and seem to be opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and free trade agreements that don't benefit Australia, albeit from a nationalist, protectionist perspective.[293] They also didn't support Shermon Burgess' (The Great Aussie Patriot) idea to hold a 'memorial' rally commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla Riots.


  • The Flemish far-right movement Vlaams BelangWikipedia's W.svg signed a law in 1995 to illegalize Holocaust denial to prevent their party from being invaded by antisemites.
  • The Vigilant Christian has been particularly critical of Donald Trump[294][295], and does not believe bipolar disorder is Satanic, even warning his viewers that telling people otherwise could cause them to kill themselves[296], though that doesn't explain why he thinks that Jesus played a part in healing his own. [297]
  • Vladimir Lenin planned to move Russia's calendar in line with the rest of the world, opposed antisemitism (though he was partly of Jewish descent himself), and legalized homosexuality. Unfortunately, it was re-criminalized under Satan Stalin.[298]


  • The Westboro Baptist Church has criticized the Ku Klux Klan for their racism, pointing out The Bible doesn't say it's a sin to be born a certain race.[299] For their part, the KKK has denounced the WBC for being "hatemongers."[300] They also opposed Kim Davis, albeit for her many divorces rather than humanitarian concern[301] and have criticized the ex-gay movement, if only for preaching that gay people can still get into heaven if they repent and become heterosexual. They also oppose Donald Trump.[302]
  • William Howard Taft's support for three-month paid vacation.[303]
  • Woodrow Wilson expanded antitrust laws with the Clayton Antitrust Act[304] and effectively banned child labour with the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act.[305] He also was President when the Federal Reserve was created.[306] He also accepted the theory of evolution.[307] Also, to his credit, he did try to create a proto-UN after WWI, which the U.S. entered late, ended, albeit Senate isolationists voted it down.[308]


  • Yahya Jammeh, the former dictator of The Gambia, a man who tried to execute all gay people in his country and abducted 1,000 people for witchcraft, banned Female Genital Mutilation and child marriage.[309]

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