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A Canadian nerd fighting for truth, justice and basic competence. Currently in school and in his mom's basement.

Hobbies include basically anything that can be done without physical activity or going outdoors

On this site[edit]

pages created/had a large role in[edit]

-Satanic Temple (migrated all the information and working on other paragraphs) -Levitation (added religious and stage magic examples of levitation) -Broken windows theory (created it from scratch ) -Stop and Frisk(Created)

essays created[edit]

none so far but I have plans to write ones one the economics of charity and actual issues that men have (and not the MRA bullshit)

currently taking on the impossible hoard of citation needed tags

My Sandboxes[edit]

User:Vorarchivist/sandbox/ for my planned main page edits

Pages currently seriously working on[edit]

-police lineups -the secret

remember that you should cite your sources when you can!