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A sampling of musings and questions I have for feminists. I consider myself one in pretty much all respects, however I am often contemplative of other's feelings. So feel free to edit this page with your answers. (Note: I wanted to write this page for a while, but now I've come blank on what I wanted to ask. I'll be back on it.)

Sexy for the Camera[edit]

This was probably the big question I sat on. How do you feel about women who are like idols who do things like sexy photo shoots and whatnot? I mean, it's her body and her choice, but I hear from others that this is objectification and that whoever's involved is just perpetuating a problem. For the record, I do pinup photography for women and make sure I have consent and everything and I have no problem with it.


Not specifically about porn as a concept, but some things I observe about it. For example, one girl out there (skipping the name, but you might be able to figure this one out) has written about being an adult actress and a feminist at the same time. Considering herself empowered by working in porn is something that has drawn my look of "uh...conflicted feelings here". Her twitter account is kinda all over the place though, ranging from pictures of her works (go with it) to articles about her and her feminist stances to stuff shilling for her production company that strike me as odd ("I love *Company*! They always provide me with the biggest cocks!" or something like that). She is free to do what she wants either way, but I guess I have a hard time rationalizing it.


Stop me if this is wrong. This is my poor understanding of the waves. Are they even close?

  1. Sufferage
  2. Control of self
  3. Ending objectification