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Why was I blocked and called "likely a banned user"? Because I said retard? Plomin is NOT a white nationalist. He even said here "Plomin: No, they are not right. Individual differences in IQ can be highly hereditary; at the same time, the difference between migrants and natives can be entirely due to the environment. For example, because of their origin, migrants only get bad jobs, they attend worse schools and are discriminated against in other ways." The article's central claim is that because Plomin believes there is a substantial link between genes and academic outcome, that he is therefore a PROXY white nationalist. But this is retarded because 1. there IS a substantial link between genes and iq, its' at LEAST 60-80% heritable in adulthood. This is the scientific consensus on the subject. 2. this has nothing to do with race and iq, it's about INDIVIDUAL heritability nothing about GROUP heritability. He is saying humans are smarter than each other in large part due to genes - not saying whites or blacks or Chinese are smarter. That's a totally UNSUPPORTED assumption by the author of the article, and possibly malicious lying! Plomin is an accredited scientist who has won multiple awards (including from the American Psychological Association and others), and is professor of Genetics at Kings College London, and was knighted this year for his contributions. He is NOT a white nationalist and his claim has nothing to do with race and iq, and is indeed the scientific consensus. Even the Wikipedia article recognizes this. This is blatant libel and slander and rubbish. What banned user am I claimed to be? I will video call anyone here to prove I'm not anyone but myself. Or Post a video of myself reciting anything on Youtube. 2603:9001:300:81A:ED99:53D6:6B41:11A3 (talk) 02:29, 19 March 2023 (UTC)

OK, you're unblocked. Another sysop thought you were a banned user, I was uncertain. Try making your argument on the talk page first (Talk:Robert Plomin). Bongolian (talk) 02:45, 19 March 2023 (UTC)

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