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We resume your normally scheduled broadcast:

If you are confronted with two evils, thus the argument runs, it is your duty to opt for the lesser one, whereas it is irresponsible to refuse to choose altogether.

Those who denounce the moral fallacy of this argument are usually accused of a germ-proof moralism which is alien to political circumstances, of being unwilling to dirty their hands. …

Politically, the weakness of the argument has always been that those who choose the lesser evil forget very quickly that they chose evil.
—Hannah Arendt on Lesser-Evilism

GOP tactics for profiting while destroying democracy


  1. Portray public schools as worse than they are
  2. Divert public funds to charter schools, which are statistically no better than public schools. Charter schools enrich corporations.
  3. School vouchers for private schools, including religious schools: keep the masses ignorant. Supported by ALEC.


  1. Play on fears of crime and create a moral panic.
  2. Create for-profit prisons to make money.
  3. Create 3-strikes-you're-out and other laws to keep people in prison long past the time that they might be a hazard to the community. Supported by ALEC.
  4. The side-effect is permanently disenfranchised voters, who might tend to vote against the GOP.


  1. Play on fears of voter fraud and create a moral panic.
  2. Voter ID laws that address the moral panic. The laws ensure that some eligible voters are unable to vote, particularly those not leaning towards GOP voting. Supported by ALEC.
  3. Use hyper-gerrymandering software[1][2] that is accurate to within the household.
  4. Implement the above for GOP-controlled states to ensure a GOP control whether or not the voters want it.


  1. Consolidation of biased news empires, such as Fox News
  2. Fake news, and the corresponding profit from clickbait
  3. Keep the masses ignorant when it's hard to tell what is true.


Righteous Republicans

Those Republicans who have chosen to put country above political party and naked power:

  • Texas Judge Lauren Parish left the party in October 2016 because the GOP has abandoned its principles.[3]
  • Barbara Bush: disavowed Trump[4]
  • Chris Shays, GOP Congressman from Connecticut[4]
  • Mike Murphy (ran Jeb Bush's campaign)[4]
  • John Warner, former Virginia Senator[4]
  • William Milliken, former Michigan Governor[4]
  • Mickey Edwards, former Oklahoma Representative, and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation[4]
  • Christine Todd Whitman, fomer governor of New Jersey[4]
  • Richard Hanna, former New York Representative[4]
  • Bret Stephens, New York Times columnist, after the GOP endorsed Roy Moore for Senate[5]

Fence sitters

When totalitarianism comes, being a fence sitter is as good as supporting the tyrant:

  • Colin Powell after throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus during the Benghazi (he privately called them a witch hunt but said nothing publicly),[6] he decided to vote for her.[4]
  • George W. Bush[4]
  • George H. W. Bush[4]
  • Jeb Bush allegedly hates Trump but said he wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton either[4]
  • Michael Steele:, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor. "I was damn near puking during the debates.… [Trump had] captured that racist underbelly, that frustration, that angry underbelly of American life and gave voice to that." He still wouldn't vote for Clinton.[4]
  • Mike Coffman, Colorado Representative[4]
  • Bob Dold, Illinois Representative[4]
  • Dave Reichert, Washington Representative[4]
  • Mac Thornberry, Texas Representative[4]

GOP Senators calling for an investigation into Russian election hacking

  • John McCain — but voted for nuclear option & will vote for Gorsuch
  • Lindsey Graham — but voted for nuclear option & will vote for Gorsuch

Fallen Republicans

Those Republicans who initially showed courage but were eventually tempted by naked power. Sometimes the price of membership is as low as a dinner with Himself. Sometimes they haven't fallen very far.


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