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The following is meant to be a brief discussion of the curious case of the shunned promiscuous woman. University studies have routinely used sample spaces comprised of University students. It is relevant then, that "The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until he or she is 25 years old or so." ( The age of full development is given in some cases to be as late as 40 years of age.( Developmental parameters may lead to fatal errors when extending the domain-valid conclusions of social-science experiments relying upon college students as test subjects. Otherwise well-constructed experiments using subjects in their late teens and very early twenties cannot be expected to in every case produce accurate predictions for subjects in other, especially older, age groups. Sex-related activity is high on the list of behaviors likely to be influenced by the age of the study participants. University studies focused on student participation that do not consider age a significant variable cannot be automatically assumed to be more reliable than magazine surveys. Magazines tend to rely on sexuality as a sales multiplier. Examples of online articles on the subject of female promiscuity include:

(1) Harpers Bazaar, "When it comes to Promiscuity, are Women the New Men?" (;

(2) IOL, "Loose Women Shunned by All", (;

(3) New York Daily News, "Women Shun Promiscuous Peers." (

(4) The Daily Mail (London), "In the Age of Promiscuity, Women have more Sexual Partners than Men, (

Studies referred to in the above articles seem to show that young women have on average, more sexual partners than their male counterparts and also that women themselves are responsible for shunning sexually promiscuous women. It seems that even women who are themselves promiscuous do not accept that behavior in their peers and do not want promiscuous female friends (see ref. 3). These considerations make "The fact that sexual promiscuity is socially admired in men but shunned in women" at least a dubious example of privilege.